Festival Ready...

So with V Festival looming it's time to pack up your tents, dig out your Wellies and organise suitable outfits for Glamping!

I've found the perfect combo:

Shorts by River Island, Tshirt Zaras Autumn/Winter Collection 2012
Gold studded shorts by River Island

What will you be wearing for this Summers festivals?

Fashion Essentials:

Sunglasses - Hide the hangover
Hat - Hide the bad hair
Over the knee socks - roll up if it's chilly and down if it's hot!
Rock chick Tee - see above
Denim Shorts - practical yet fashionable
A jacket with a hood - umbrellas are a no-no
Wellies - goes without saying...

Just go with the flow! xx

**Under Development**

Hey Dolly Day Dream is no more...

After nearly a YEAR (gasp!) of not blogging, it is most definitely time to say goodbye to heydollydaydream.blogspot.co.uk.

But FEAR not.

This simply makes way for a simpler, even more gorgeous-er blog to take its place.

Introducing: Rock On Holly.

Keep an eye on it, you may find it remotely interesting... xx