Creepy Cocktail Party #MyMidori

My Midori Halloween Cocktail

So, my cousin Olivia throws THE best parties! For her Birthday every year without fail, she throws these epic fancy dress parties where everyone gets completely dressed up. Last night, she organised a tiny get together for All Hallows Eve (Eve) and even that turned into a creepy Halloween Extravaganza...

We carved pumpkins, ate Toffee Apples, played games and got scared to death by someone dressed up in a Clown mask (ahhh!!!)

It was the perfect opportunity to bring out my Fright Night kit that was kindly sent to me by My Midori this week! My huge black box of Halloween goodies included: A scary movie, popcorn, personalised blanket (to hide under) a huge assortment of Creepy Cocktail making bottles - including a tasty bottle of Midori liqueur* and a recipe to mix this all up!

My Midori Halloween Fright Night Set
My Midori Halloween Party

Hostess with the mostest! Liv prepares for the Pumpkin Carving competition! Head over to my twitter to see the finished Pumpkins!!

Halloween Party Ideas
My Midori Halloween Cocktail
Halloween Party Decoration
My Midori Halloween Cocktail
Halloween Toffee Apples

We enjoyed some of the Halloween treats whilst the Barman (Livs boyfriend Rob!) mixed up a shaker full of the last Midori Pandemonium Cocktail!

I have to admit, I had no idea what this was going to taste like, and I was a little concerned when I saw that it contained Gin... I'm not really a fan of gin by itself!? But actually, the drink, was delicious. Like, really really delicious. The flavours mixed together so well, it just gave an overall fruity mix, very drinkable!

My Midori Halloween Cocktail
My Midori Halloween Cocktail
My Midori Halloween Cocktail
My Midori Halloween Cocktail

If you're planning a Halloween party then do check out this creepy cocktail mix! The Midori bottle took centerstage at our party - the zingy green colour really fit the theme perfectly.

However, don't just only drink Midori at Halloween! These tasty little mix, will see you right through the party season!

Have you tried this liqueur before?

OOTD: Stripes and Snake Prints

ASOS Stripes and Snakeskin skirt

Well, not to rub in all of y'alls faces... But I seem to be on a bit of a winning streak at the moment?? Very strange! Last week I shared a competition on Twitter and managed to bag a table at the launch of Home Sweet Home at the Great Northern. So, as this post goes live, I'll hopefully be dining on fine burgers and a tasty milkshake... Keep an eye on my instagram to see what's happening!

I also won £100 to spend on Everything 5 Pounds! So you will no doubt see some of their items on the blog soon (£100 goes a seriously long way on that site!!)

So, my tip to you this week is - you gotta be in it to win it!

This weeks outfit comes from a few weeks ago (hence the vibrant blue hair!) I wanted to get some more wear out of my fave River Island skirt, rather than just teaming it with black or white. This tunic was a beauty that I picked up during London Fashion Week and whilst it looks chic over ripped jeans, I thought I would give it a bit of a twist with this A-line skirt :-)

My Topshop jacket was the perfect cover up, and these suede ASOS heels fit in with the colour tones of the outfit quite well (I think!)

Despite this being quite a loud outfit, I still wanted to add accessories... By keeping the tones to gold, neutral and blue, these fit in with the outfit without distracting too much.

Topshop Jacket and Blue Hair

Outfit: Striped Tunic - ASOS (similar), Snakeskin Skirt - River Island (Similar), Suede Heels - ASOS, Salt and Pepper Jacket - Topshop, Penny Backpack - Nica Handbags

Accessories: Marble Bangle - ASOS (similar), Navy Watch - Versus Versace, Sunglasses - ASOS, Necklace - River Island (sold out)

ASOS Stripes and Snakeskin skirt
ASOS Stripes and Snakeskin skirt
ASOS stripes and blue hair

Versus Versace Watch
ASOS Stripes and Snakeskin skirt
Snakeskin Skirt
ASOS Stripes and Snakeskin skirt

What do you think!? Are you tempted to mix up your prints with stripes and snakeskin?

Beauty: Smokey Eye Till I Die

Urban Decay Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

If you want to own any of the Urban Decay palettes, it should definitely be this one. The Smoky palette features a stunning mix of fabulously shimmery and matte shadows, in a variety of natural and bold shades.

Some of the all time faves are there; the nudes, High and Combust, are brilliant for adding a bit of shimmer and shade in the day. But this palette, isn't just another Naked... This is the palette to have if you want to create an "eye catching" Smokey look!

I was introduced to this particular palette at the new Urban Decay stand in Selfridges Trafford. The brand really aim to provide high quality, highly pigmented products which you can use to create your own unique look. New additions to the range include eyeliners for your waterline that aim to last all day and limited edition gift sets for Christmas that feature all your faves. After visiting the stand I reeeeally want to try their Perversion mascara - it sounds ah-mazing.

Tip: If you're a fan of an eye shadow palette, you're in the right place! Urban Decay have also just released a colourful sequel to their popular Vice palette, the Vice 4. This looks unreal and is definitely going on my Christmas Wishlist.

I had to showcase this palette with my make up bag from Rock On Ruby! The slogan was just perfect for this occasion :-)

Urban Decay Smokey Eye Shadow Palette
Rock On Ruby Slogan Make Up Bag
Urban Decay Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

Urban Decay Smoky Tutorial:

1. Prep your eyes!

I used the new Air Patrol by Benefit as an eye cream and then concealed where necessary. I used shade Thirteen as a base to get a solid, neutral foundation for my look.

2. Add shimmer...

I brushed High all over my eyelids to highlight on the brow bone and add a bit of sparkle to my inner eye.

3. Layer and Shade!

The last step was to build up a metallic base using Slanted and then add depth to the outer edges of my eye using Dagger.

Both of these shades have a cool blue tone to them which isn't too overwhelming.

Urban Decay Smokey Eye Shadow Palette Tutorial
Urban Decay Smokey Eye Shadow Palette Tutorial
Urban Decay Smokey Eye Shadow Palette Tutorial

And here's the finished look!

I wanted to go for a bold look for evening so added more of the Dagger shade under my eye for definition. It looks quite strong in the image below, but it did work! Haha! I kept the rest of my look neutral with shimmery cheeks and a nude lip.

Urban Decay Smokey Eye Shadow Pallette Tutorial

Have you got the Smoky Palette yet??

OOTD: Clueless Style

Clueless Style Outfit

Are berets cool again? As if!

No actually, they really are... Tomorrow (Monday 26th October) will see the launch of Charli XCX's hot new collection with Boohoo! The collab features matching separates, funky knitwear and other items that wouldn't look out of place in Cher Horowitz's wardrobe... Amazingly, the Pop Star is even rocking a range of berets :-) What a total betty.

I was recently challenged by Boohoo to recreate a Clueless inspired look to celebrate the launch of Charli XCX's range. And here it is!

The look I chose was based on that scene where Cher goes shopping because she's had a fight with Tai, and can't figure out why everything is falling apart. Then there is that iconic moment where she realises that she loves Josh, right in front of the fountain! ("What if I like Josh?!")

So, of course, for my look I had to include Cher's double breasted jacket and tartan mini skirt - an essential for any 90s fashionista. Over the knee socks are a must have and whilst Cher rocked hers with silver flats, I couldn't resist bringing out my fave, gold brogues.

To bring my look into the 21st Century, I added in this cool slogan tee with Dom and Ink illustration! How Cool!!? I'm totally going to have to get this on a sweater too as I love the design - perfect for a Cher inspired outfit.

Clueless Style Outfit

Outfit: Double Breasted Jacket and Tartan Mini Skirt - Boohoo, Over the knee red socks - H&M
Clueless As If T-shirt - Rock On Ruby by Dom and Ink

Accessories: Moschino Bag and Beret - Vintage, Watch - Daniel Wellington, Sunglasses - ASOS, Gold Brogues - ASOS (similar)

Clueless Style Outfit
Clueless Style Outfit
Clueless Style Outfit
Clueless Style Outfit
Rock On Ruby Clueless As If Tee

If you're loving this Clueless tee, do check out the Dom and Ink range - you'll want them all!

Clueless Style Outfit
Clueless Style Outfit - As If

Haha! I couldn't resist recreating a typical "As If" moment! My phone's probably as big now as they were back in the 90s too...

Hope you like the look! Let me know what you think of the new collection!

Get creative with Joules and WIN!

Joules Wellies
Pic credit: The Sticky Fingers Blog

I've always been a fan of Joules Wellies... One of my bessies went to a Wedding on a farm and all the Bridesmaids were gifted Joules Wellies to wear to the Barn Dance. I thought this was such a cute idea! What's more, each girl was gifted a pair that suit her personality and style. The quirky prints and cute colours looked so fab in the wedding pictures! 

Now it's your chance to get creative and design your very own pair of boots for this iconic brand...

Simply follow the link and submit a design before 4th December. If your design is picked, your boots will go on sale at (how cool!)

Other prizes up for grabs include, a Luxury break in an actual Treehouse worth £5,000!! (Amazing.) And 10 runners up will receive £250 to spend at Joules.

And if you needed an extra incentive to enter, all proceeds from the sales will go to Charitably Joules :-)

You can have a sneak peek at the design I submitted below... I thought the pale blue colour was so cute - especially with a little raindrop design! By adding my own handwriting with the word "Splash!" these boots truly have my personal touch added to them!

If you choose to enter the competition, do send me your designs to see!
Get creative with Joules and Win

In The Diary: Proper Tearooms #StayFitDontQuit

Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms

Being a blogger, you're constantly putting yourself out there...  Sharing everything including your opinions, your looks, your very personal style and even, what you eat.

And you know what they say, you are what you eat! 

I thought this post was very appropriate after the recent controversy of Jamie Oliver's campaign to introduce a "Sugar Tax" - Something I wholeheartdly agree with. Even if adding a few pence to the price of a chocolate bar might not stop you from buying one ever again... But it may just make you think twice about the message behind the tax and also, how often you eat sugary foods...

Recently I was invited to Proper Tearooms with Get The Label as part of their Stay Fit, Don't Quit campaign. The aim is to celebrate their new fitness range and encourage people to make exercise a part of their every day lives, regularly. The approach is very much trying to get people to make that first step towards the gym and then make it part of their routine. 

I think this is so important!! I discovered this year that once I had broken out of my routine of hitting the gym, I really struggled to get back into it. And once you lose that "healthy mindset" I think it's much easier to let your healthy diet slip too... 

Luckily, Proper Tearooms had some healthy goodies available for me to try!

Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms

Tip 1: Start your day right! Bagels - ok, yes, these are a carb, but they were a fab source of energy. We skipped the butter and piled on fresh cream cheese instead.

This combined with a chunky fresh salad and fruit, made for a really hearty but healthy brunch! As a mini treat, we also had sugar free brownies - Oh Jamie would be proud!

Green Tea Proper Tearooms

Tip 2: Drink Green Tea. You will all know my love for this after my Summer Detox this year. All hail the green tea and its magical benefits!

Brunch Proper Tearooms

Tip 3: Grab your friends and Stay Fit together! At work at the moment, one of the girls is on a detox, so basically, we're all on a detox! Clear out the communal biscuit cupboard to avoid temptation and motivate each other to stick with it...

Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms
Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms
Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms
Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms

Our healthy morning at Proper Tearooms, left me feeling motivated to Stay Fit and Eat Clean! We were even treated to a mini pamper session by the Team at Temple Spa - Irena's enjoying the deliciously scented products above!

If you want to hit the gym in style, do have a look at Get The Label's fitness range as they always have amazing discounts on - I recently grabbed a pair of Adidas trainers that were a real bargain!! Will show you them soon :-)