Primark Emoji Tshirt - Rock On Holly

I think I am probably one of those annoying people who put an emoji at literally the end of EVERY sentence on a text, tweet, facebook status and instagram post... But there are just somethings can be summed up SO perfectly with a little yellow face!

So you can imagine my love for this sunny Primark Tee!! My sis spotted this for me and as soon as she handed it over I thought "OUTFIT POST"!! Woop woop! I thought this would be awesome with my blue leather skirt from ASOS and cartoon printed New Look pumps. These teamed with a bright red lippy and a funky handbag, completed my little outfit! To turn this into a night time look I would add a bright heel (I have red!) and a chunky gold necklace...

Primark Emoji Tshirt - Rock On Holly

ASOS Leather Skirt - Rock On Holly

Outfit of the Day - Rock On Holly

Primark, Asos, New Look - Rock On Holly

Tshirt: Primark, Blue Leather Skirt: ASOS, Pumps: New Look, Hand Bag: New Look

Random Question.... What's your fave emoji?! ;-)

With Love… #QuizLoveLock

Quiz Love Lock - Cupcakes

So I've had some pretty amazing cupcakes in my time (one of the perks of a Blogger event I guess!) But never before have I had a personalised cake! Can you spot mine?!

These little beauties were created for us at a Valentine Themed event hosted by Quiz Clothing in Manchester. Myself and a few other girls were invited to come and check out the stores LOVEly range (like that!?) after hours. We also got the chance to get involved in a little competition…

Quiz Prom Dresses - Rock On Holly

The aim of the game! Around the store were some pink balloons with keys attached to them. Also hung up were 5 dresses with padlocks attached. We had to pick a balloon and if our key opened a lock, we were able to keep that item.

And I WON!! :-D I got the most gorgeous silver, embellished dress (see below) I totally thought that I had misunderstood the game at first as my key fit the first lock that I put it in (sorry other bloggers!) I was obviously chuffed to bits and will definitely be styling this up for a future post…

Quiz Prom Dresses - Rock On Holly

Rock On Holly - Quiz Prom Dress

With my dreeeeeess! And fab Blow Dry from the event at Eds Hair!

Blogger Frankie from the Fashion Dough gets a pretty pink mani!

It was so nice to have a proper rummage through all the sparkly dresses in store, and get treated to a mini mani, cakes and games!

If you have a Prom or special occasion coming up I would recommend checking out Quiz's range as they have some pretty reasonably priced items!

Have you been into Quiz before?! 

50 Shades Of Crazy

Yes, this weekend I finally got to see the most highly anticipated film of the year… 50 Shades of Grey! I think I may be one of the very few girls who HASN'T read the book, so I really had no idea what to expect…. And it was a bit crazy!

Yes, there is a LOT of nudity in it and yes Jamie Dornan is pretty darn hot, but apart from that… ?! I can't really make my mind up on it?! I'm kind of intrigued to find out why Grey is so messed up, but I reaaaaally don't get why the books / film have been so hyped up. I can see why there have been some critics shouting out that this is a really bad "glamorisation" of what is actually an unhealthy relationship.

On another note, the sound track was pretty awesome! I love Ellie Gouldings title track "Love me like you do", but I thought Beyonce's updated of version of Crazy In Love was perfect for the film. I love a good cover so I thought I'd share Sofia Karlberg's version. (17 million views can't be wrong.)

Have you seen the film and what did you think of it?

THE Best Blowdry...

Eds Hair Event - Bloggers

I have to admit, that the last time that I had my hair cut and coloured was before my birthday in DECEMBER!!?! This is not like me AT ALL. So I was thrilled to be invited to an event at Eds Hair in Manchester. The salon was celebrating their 4th birthday and threw a little par-tay for clients, staff and a select few Bloggers...

As soon as I walked through the door, I was greeted by one of the owners of the salon, Ines. I could actually see him taking in my dark roots, dead ends and limp locks (oh the humiliation!!) Within 2 minutes he had rushed me to the nearest available basin and had instructed one of the girls to put a treatment on my hair IMMEDIATELY. It was so lush! The team at Eds hair use all Swarzkopf products, and the ones used on mine were specially for blonde hair.

I then got the honour of getting a voluminous blow dry from Ines himself...


The AMAZING Birthday cake!

The PR team at Ledigo PR had done a fab job in decorating the salon with their colours...

Getting styled by the main man himself! Pretty chuffed that my lippy matched the theme! ;-)
Photo by blogger Anna from Yay or Nay interiors!

Champers and a blow dry - the life of luxury!


Joana from 100thingsIlove gets an unusual hair style! (it looked amazing once complete!)

Live music from X Factor boy band member Nikk Mager!

Lauren from Fashion Panic gets curly wurly style!

We were sent home with a fab goody bag full of hair treatments!

I LOVED my blow dry! I was so impressed Ines really managed to get some volume into my hair and make it look sleek (despite my dead ends!!). Even more impressive - he didn't use hair straighteners AT ALL. The style held really well and it still looked great the next day. 

I've had a look on Eds Hair site and their rates are really reasonable, so I'll definitely be heading back for a full revamp! Hello new hair!

OOTD: Denim on Denim

Topshop Denim Shirt - Rock On Holly

So, last year I joined up to a photography course. I have this insanely awesome DSLR camera, that any blogger would be proud to own and I feel like I reeeeally need to learn how to get the most out of it. Disappointingly, the course got cancelled at the last minute as the teacher couldn't commit. HOW RUDE!!

So that is definitely on my to do list this year... (If anyone has any basic tips, or links to good photography blogs, do comment below!) For this post, I sadly didn't have my super-camera to hand so I have had to rely on filters to brighten my pics! The app that I have used is called Afterlight and I seriously love it.

1. It's free
2. It has that really old school, vintage film affect
3. You can layer filters and affects over each other (take that instagram!!)

Topshop Denim Shirt - Rock On Holly
Zara Handbag and Brogues - Rock On Holly

My OOTD here features a lot of bargains that I picked up in the boxing day sales this year... The bag and brogues are both Zara and everything else is Topshop.

My whole outfit probably cost around £120 which I don't think is too bad?!
Bag: £20 (was £40) Brogues: £40 (were £50) Jeans (£40) Shirt £20 (was £40)

What are your favourite photo apps? I hear a lot about VSCO cam but I've never really got the hang of it...

Rock On Ruby Clothes Swap!

Rock On Ruby Clothes Swap

It's always kind of crazy when you host something, even if it's a birthday party or meal at your house... I always get this kind of panicky paranoia - is everyone having a good time? Are there enough party rings? Is the music too loud? Too quiet? Then there's the mad rush to get all the decorations up before the first blogger arrives fashionably early... HOWEVER. I have to say, organising a Clothes Swap for Rock On Ruby last weekend was a blast! 

This is the second event I have organised now (the first being our Rockin' Christmas Party in December) and whilst the last event was good fun, we had a LOT to organise. This meet up was so much more chilled out, and it seemed to get a great response from the girls who attended... 

The aim of the day was to get the bloggers mingling, introduced to new blogs and of course, to have a good old clear out so we could swap clothes. And it went brilliantly!

Rock On Ruby Clothes Swap

There were SO many gorgeous things up for grabs... A lot of things were new and still had tags on! From Stila lipglosses and Ciate nail varnish to Brogues in boxes and floral Zara shirts. It was every girls dream!

Of course, no blogger event would be complete without some delish cakes and treats..

Rock On Ruby Clothes Swap

Rock On Ruby Clothes Swap

Rock On Ruby Clothes Swap

Lauren, Steph and Melissa get to work tagging up their items and cashing in their blogger vouchers!

Rock On Ruby Clothes Swap

Rock On Ruby Clothes Swap

Each girl tagged up the items that they brought to the swap with a brown label. They had to write on the tag who the item was from (blog name) and the reason for swapping it... It was a fab way to discover new blogs and to meet the previous owner of the item!

Hat Pals!!

Swapping is thirsty work... Luckily the guys at Font Bar where we held the swap came up with these Kiss From Ruby cocktails, which tasted delicious!

As you can see the rail was FULL. There were so many items up for "swaps"! Any items that were left over at the end were donated to charity!

SPEECH TIME! Cringe! I totally hadn't prepared anything to say, but we had amazing raffle prizes to give out and someone had to do the talking...

 Team ROR <3

Finally, we had a basket of treats for each blogger to take home with them... What more could you want?!

The event had SUCH a fab response! We'll definitely be looking into doing another one, maybe a Summer Swap?! If you'd like to attend a ROR event, leave a comment below with a link to your blog / email address!