Out with the old and in with the NEW!

Hey Dolly Daydreamers!

Good things are happening Chez Moi at the moment... The painters and decorators have been in and my bedroom has been totally revamped.

So! This called for one MASSIVE clear out! But what to do with all the many, many clothes that I don't wear any more?!

Well, as they say "One girls trash is another girls treasure!" And so I have entered the world of Ebay...

These Boots are made for walking... But who will wear them next?!
It's a shame to keep these fab River Island Boots sitting in my wardrobe collecting dust... so onto Ebay they go!

Cream Zara Tshirt with Gold Studded detail
"We Can Be Anyone" and this Cream Zara Tshirt can be anyones too!

Italian Leather Waistcoat - Forpen
Italian Leather - Ooh how very European!

There are plenty of ways to make cash from your cast offs these days...

 > Ebay, MyBig Wardrobe and ASOS all have online marketplaces where you can sell or swap clothes.

> Car Boot Sales - just check your local paper!

> Clothes Swap - Get all your Gal Pals together and see what goodies you can get!

> OR be a sweetie and donate them to Charity!

My Top Tips for Ebay??

 - Send EVERYTHING by Recorded Delivery so you can track it! Items lost in the post are the sellers responsibility (I learnt this the hard way!!)

- List items when people are most likely to be shopping online - eg Evenings and Weekends

- Download the Ebay App to your phone so you can quickly respond to any questions!

Psst! If you would like to check out any of my items, just do a quick search for hollyo2006   :-)

And so... as the bidding ends on my skinny black Zara jeans, I can rest easy knowing that the money I make will go towards me new wardrobe (Woohoo!!) and that my pants have a happy new home...

Happy Shopping Daydreamers xx



Just when I thought MAC Make-up couldn't get any better, I find out they have only gone and brought out a new range of make up inspired by Wonderwoman?!

Image from marvelous-girl.com
A true Female Superhero, a great Fancy Dress Costume and a super bold Make Up look... Ooh, all my favourite things!

For Beauty with POW! This range isn't for the fainthearted... With a mission to banish bad beauty looks and fight off dull skin - Wonderwoman is here to help! (Phew!!)

Take a look at the mighty range that MAC will be introducing to stores near you THIS March:

Wonderwoman Make Up Collection -
Image courtesy of MAC


The collection comes in retro 'comic' book style packaging and includes products such as the 'Bulletproof' Make Up Bag, 'Invincible' Mirrors and super inspirational product names such as 'Spitfire' and 'Heroine'.

It's Girl Power all the way! (Plus, it just shows that even Superheroes don't wake up with naturally red lips and full lashes!! There's hope for us all...)

My top pick from the Wonderwoman range would have to be a scorching hot lippy... For a pout that can really pack a punch why not try the Russian Red lipstick:

Wonderwoman MAC Lipstick 'Red Russian'

But be quick!!

This lipstick is apparently in demand and can already be found on Ebay selling at £30 inc P&P!! Gosh! At this rate, even Superman will want one....

Happy Shopping Dolly Daydreamers!

Stop that Copycat!

Don't you just hate it when you've been daydreaming about a fabulous outfit for a while...

..... You know when you're going to wear it.... You've mentally picked your jewellery...

And then the time finally comes to wear the fabulous outfit and Shock Horror, three other girls walk into the bar with them SAME Topshop top on as you. Cringe.

Well yes, you can smile politely and say something smart like "Oh Snap! Haha!" Or... you can get a bit clever.

The High Street is a-maaaazing for designer style on a budget! And while everyone does have their own unique style, often if you think a top is fabulous chances are a hundred other girls will too!

That's why when I went shopping last, I decided to try somewhere I wouldn't normally go -

Dorothy Perkins!

And WOW has that shop changed since I last went in!?

With racks of clothes that wouldn't look out of place in Topshop I have to admit several things caught my eye...

1. Their gorgeous range of Patent Nude Shoes:

Nude Platform Court Shoe - £32, Dorothy Perkins

(As worn by Livy in my blog 'Behind the Scenes with Livy')

There are several colours and tyles in the range - so it's less likely someone else will have exactly the same pair!

2. Their new ranges by original designers! Thats right, Dorothy Perkins now has several racks of clothes by other designers including Uttam London - "Designed for the Indiviual!"

Uttam London in Dorothy Perkins
'Designed for the Individual'

To congratulate myself on my new find, I treated myself to this gorgeous floral playsuit:

Floral Playsuit, £26 Dorothy Perkins
The playsuit can be a tricky item of clothing to wear, but this super mini-suit comes with hidden shorts underneath AND clever little poppers to make going to the Ladies Room a little easier!

Popper Button Detail!
I <3 the 'Cath Kidston' style floral print!

Perfect for Spring!

I'm going to start wearing my playsuit with a brown skiny belt and Over the Knee socks now, then with bare legs and nude heels (as above!) in warmer weather.

Yummy AND original!

Happy Shopping Dolly Daydreamers! xx

No Shame in a Bar-Gain!

Good News Dolly Daydreamers...

River Island are having a SALE!! That's right, the buying ban is officially OVER! (Well, if it's a sale you're technically saving money, right?!)

So! These are my top picks from the River Island Sale - these bargainous beauties will take you right through Spring and look fab with this seasons 70s inspired trends....

Grey Lace Front Smock Dress
Was £44.99, NOW £25
 This will look gorgeous for a meal that I'm going to next weekend... With a skinny brown belt and these beige ankle boots -

Beige Lace Up Ankle Boots
Were £74.99, NOW £35

Another 70s inspired find, this cute floral dress with Peter Pan collar will great dressed up or down!

Beige Floral Print Peter Pan Collar Top
Was £26.99, NOW £10!
I would add this fab Chelsea Girl Brown leather belt for a little added detail:

Brown Chelsea Girl Embossed Leather Belt
Was £17, NOW £10
Last but not least, this lovely cream tunic will look delicious with a chunky knit cardi thrown over it or on its own on a fresh Spring day!

Cream Dropped Hem Gold Trimmed Tunic
Was £34.99, NOW £12
I'd throw this Pink Printed scarf handy around you to keep warm - if you don't need it, simply tie it aound the handles of your bag! Lovely!

Pink Print Square Scarf
Was £14.99, NOW £5
Total cost for all of the above? £97!! That's practically a whole new wardrobe for less than £100

Well then, there really is no shame in a bargain!

Happy Shopping Daydreamers, treat yourselves! xx

Behind the Scenes with Livy

Well Dolly Girls!

It's been a busy week, what with Valentines Treats, Birthdays and Photoshoots - when's a girl supposed to Blog?!

Last week, I got the chance to go behind the scenes on a photoshoot with an up and coming singer - Livy!

The photos were being shot to go on her management company's website and also on her new Myspace page which will be launched very soon.... (Watch this space!)

Livy's style is pure pop with an operatic twist - think Pixie Lott meets Charlotte Church (but with a way better voice!)

Take a look at the popstrel in action:

A pose that Britney would be proud of!
(in her early days...)

The first few shots - trying not to giggle!

Strike a Pose!
Livys outfit is from Topshop and her Patent Nude Heels are from Dorothy Perkins.

Those fab khaki trousers will also look fab with a punk tshirt or with a 70s themed outfit - love them!

Outfit Number 2!
One quick wardrobe change later and Livy has an outfit that Pixie Lott would be jealous of!

The Floral Print Dress is from Topshop, Over the Knee socks from Girlynightout and fab chunky shoe boots from Lipsy.

Ready to Rock and Roll!
A total Pop Star in the making, the finished shots are yet to be released but already look amazing!

"Geek Chic"
Messing around Back Stage!

I'll be keeping an eye on Livys progress and updating you on what's next.... Livy has spent the past few days holed up in a studio recording her tracks, can't wait to hear it!

Until then, my next gig will be Lifehouse at the Academy (that's LIFEhouse, not to be confused with Lighthouse!!)

That's all for now Daydreamers! xx

Down The Rabbit Hole . . . . .

Happy Valentines Day Dolly Girls!

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Valentines Treats are so yummy,
You'll want them too! xx

Valentines Day Card by Shine Publishing
(Candles and Wine Glass, optional!)

With Love and Devotion?!

This gorgeous Alice in Wonderland themed scarf by River Island will have you head over heels in love. . . . .

Love and Devotion Scarf, River Island

Love and Devotion Scarf - as above

 Princess for the day? You'll definitely smell like one with this beautiful Vera Wang Perfume!

Light, Floral and totally girly!

Princess Perfume by Vera Wang
Be Mine Valentine!

MAC Lipsticks are an absolute favourite of mine as they are super moisturising and give great colour!
Make sure your lips look totally kissable on Valentines Day with these gorgeous girly lipsticks:

MAC Lipsticks from left to right - Saint Germain, Lovelorn and Angel

Drawn to Beautiful Things?! I know I am!

I couldn't resist this fab Emma Bridgewater Makeup bag - lovely for Valentines Day (and every other day too!)

Make Up Bag by Emma Bridgewater

We've all heard the saying "He's a Keeper!"

So hold tight to your love with gorgeous Valentines Nails!

  Lots of Love on Valentines Day xxx

Wishful Thinking. . . .

Hey Dolly Daydreamers...

How dangerous are these E-flyers that are zooming around at the moment?!

You think you're safe by avoiding the shops and then suddenly a cheeky little flyer pops up in your inbox! Then, shock horror, the next thing you know, the clever title sucks you in and drags you into the wonderful world of online shopping....

And there you are, staring at a screen of beauty, with all kinds of wonderful things just a click away.... and wait, what's that?? FREE Shipping?! Noooooo!!

Well, such a thing happened to me just today! I was minding my own business having some lunch, when my phone started flashing and suddenly there it was:

River Island - Spring Looks You Need Now!
H&M - Denim Jeans from £9.99!
ASOS - FREE Next Day Delivery!

I decided it would only be polite to take a quick look. . . .

River Island - Spring Style
Decisions, decisions... Such a great colour pallette and such fabulous shoes!

My favourites? Seventies Bohemia and Kitsch Cool!

These lovely fresh colours will quickly liven up your wardrobe for Spring!

I love the chiffon dress - it's definitely been added to my Wish List! I would layer it over tights and ankle boots in cooler weather and pair it with some funky wedges for a Summers' night out:

ASOS - Top Bar Detail Aviator Sunglasses, £15
Hottest Suede Peep Toe Wedge, £50
I am in love with H&M's Spring Style at the moment - one shoulder or strappy, layered or ruffled, neutral or colourful....

I think I want them all! (And at these prices, why not?!)

H&M Spring Dresses online now!
All three of these gorgeous dresses would look fab this Spring - accessorise with a bright clutch bag, neon lips and strut your stuff!

Happy Shopping Daydreamers xx

Stop Being So Brilliant...

"O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!”

There's a Birthday in the Holly Dolly household this week! And you know what that means... Lots of lovely jubbly treats!

I finally been given the freedom to go shopping guilt-free, after all the Birthday girl will need a present! (The Birthday girl, is in actual fact my sister) but as a designer, she too loves all things bright and beautiful.

So, I have gathered together some gorgeous birthday goodies to soften the blow of old age:

The Bright Side Cards, Rocking Horse Charm Necklace - Primark, £1.50

  - How very appropriate!

The Bright Side Cards - available online, Bird Ring - Primark £2

 I spotted this Birthday card below and it really reminded me of my sister and I when we were growing up... One little blondie and one brunette, raiding mums wardrobe for some 'dressing up' clothes... Sound familiar?!

Love the glasses - so retro, so on trend!


I can't yet reveal what I have got the older sibling for her the big day, but I can show you the fabulously retro paper that I have to wrap it up in:

'Laughing Boy' Paper - Clinton Cards
   And to wish myself 'A Very Happy Un-birthday', I treated myself to the following little trinkets!

Rocking Horse Necklace - Primark As Before (Well, at £1.50 I couldn't leave it behind!!)
Charm Bracelet - JunkJewels.co.uk - £6

Diamante Rose Ring - Primark, £2
Rocking Horse Necklace (Just Shown) As Before
Oh yes, it's A Very Happy Un-birthdaaay to me, to me, to me, to ME!

I really hope Big Sis likes her present (because she's not getting any of mine!!)

Happy Shopping Dolly Daydreamers xx

Make a Statement!

Hey hey Dolly Daydreamers!

Want to funk up your wardrobe without splashing the cash?!

Sometimes it's easier to keep your outfit simple and just add the wow factor with a piece of 'Statement jewellery'

Take these Feather earrings that I invested in just before Christmas:

Feather Earrings - River Island £12.99

You may have spotted these fantastic feathers in my Dolly Daydream profile picture:

Feather Earrings - River Island, Black Shirt - Primark

Although these earrings are quite spectacular, their subtle colours mean they can be worn over and over again - even in the daytime!

Perfect for a little trip to the theatre for my birthday.....

Fab indie-fun with a retro printed tshirt and denim shorts for a Kings of Leon gig...

... And sophisticated-style with a gorgeous cream silk shirt for Christmas drinks!

PSST! According to River Island blouses and shirts are going to be hot this Spring:

But if you're trying to be frugal this season (like moi!) then head to their jewellery section instead! Skinny jeans and a simple top can easily be transformed with a chunky necklace or beautiful pair of feather earrings!

Happy shopping Dolly Girls! xx

PS you may be interested to know that MAC are bringing out a 'Peacock' themed range of make up - purples, greens and dark jewel colours are going to look delicious!

I Love My Bag

Well Girls...

There I was, window shopping and daydreaming about what gorgeous things I would buy if I wasn't enduring a buying ban (sigh) when I stumbled across this beautiful Cath Kidston shop window:

How beautiful! And how very true... I LOVE my new bag!

This gorgeous brown beauty is from Topshop:

Brown Leather Bag, Topshop £75, in store now.
I know, I know... it's a bit pricey... But! I got it as a Christmas present (or as an exchange instead of some shoes if I'm really honest!)
Plus, I will use it every day and its gorgeous tan colour will look good all year round! So, in a "Price-Per-Wear" equation, it's a bargain really!

You can really tell a lot about a girl from the contents of her bag (anyone ever seen 'How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days'?! The 'forgotten handbag' scene? Brilliant!)

Here are the essential things that I carry around with me every day (as well as a lot of other random rubbish)

These are a 2011 Girls Blogging Tools!

Top R to L: Umbrella, Gloves, MAC Compact, Topshop Mirror, MAC Lipstick
Brown Diary, Brown Leather Bag, Pentax Camera, White Blackberry

This bag is great as it has several pockets for throwing different items into!

Black Ruffle Umbrella, River Island - essential in this gloomy British weather at the moment...

White Blackberry aka the Crackberry - it never leaves my sight!

Brown Leather Gloves, Primark - A Beautiful Brown Bargain

Black Pentax Camera - You never know when inspiration will strike!

MAC Lipstick, Angel - A gorgeous natural pink colour for everyday use

Diary "Jour" from a Boutique in Chorlton, Manchester - great for jotting down ideas for Blogs, new trends, important dates...

I have a lovely little list of juicy things that I can't wait to get writing about - hopefully if I'm writing I won't be buying!!

If anyone has any other tips and handy essentials, let me know!

Lots of love Dolly Daydreamers xx

Tiny Little Treats. . . .

Hello Dolly Girls!

Don't you just hate it when you plan an outfit, but when you actually put it on you find it's missing a little something?! That it needs a little pizazz?!

That's why I think I've turned into a little Magpie recently! I just can't resist anything that sparkles, glistens, jangles and shines! In fact, I think I've got a problem...

Take a look at these Tiny little Treats, they're not all expensive but they sure are beautiful:

Elephant Stud Earrings - Accessorise Sale


Elephant Earrings as before, Love Ring £6 from JunkJewels.co.uk
Flower Ring from Topshop

Earrings -Topshop, Bracelet - Accessorise Sale, Ring - Boutique

I always find that when you have gorgeous jewellery like this, sometimes it gets lost in your outfit. The detail is so tiny you almost need an arrow pointing to them saying:

"Look at me! I'm Perfect!!"

I love the detail in these Charm necklaces below:

Pearl Horsehoe, Eiffel Tower and Rose Heart all from Accessorise Sale
Diamante Bow with Pearl detail - Primark

St.Christopher medallion on long chain - ASOS
Turquoise Stone necklace and Turquoise Chain - Both Topshop
L.O.V.E necklace - Primark

As Above
A good way to draw attention to beautiful jewellery is to layer it up - the more the merrier!

These bracelets add a tiny touch of colour to any outfit without clashing with each other. The trick is to pick similar styles and colour tones:

'Saints' Bracelet is Boutique, all other Bracelets from Accessorise

Michael Kors Gold Watch - Selfridges, Bracelets as above 

Don't be afraid to mix expensive jewellery with other 'costume' jewellery, it can still look amazing.
The warm tones of these bracelets will look fab well into Summer!

That's all for today Dolly Daydreamers... it just shows that beautiful little bargains can be found in any Sale (thankyou Accessorise!!) you just need to keep your eyes open!

Happy Daydreams of tiny little treats... xx