Out with the old and in with the NEW!

Hey Dolly Daydreamers!

Good things are happening Chez Moi at the moment... The painters and decorators have been in and my bedroom has been totally revamped.

So! This called for one MASSIVE clear out! But what to do with all the many, many clothes that I don't wear any more?!

Well, as they say "One girls trash is another girls treasure!" And so I have entered the world of Ebay...

These Boots are made for walking... But who will wear them next?!
It's a shame to keep these fab River Island Boots sitting in my wardrobe collecting dust... so onto Ebay they go!

Cream Zara Tshirt with Gold Studded detail
"We Can Be Anyone" and this Cream Zara Tshirt can be anyones too!

Italian Leather Waistcoat - Forpen
Italian Leather - Ooh how very European!

There are plenty of ways to make cash from your cast offs these days...

 > Ebay, MyBig Wardrobe and ASOS all have online marketplaces where you can sell or swap clothes.

> Car Boot Sales - just check your local paper!

> Clothes Swap - Get all your Gal Pals together and see what goodies you can get!

> OR be a sweetie and donate them to Charity!

My Top Tips for Ebay??

 - Send EVERYTHING by Recorded Delivery so you can track it! Items lost in the post are the sellers responsibility (I learnt this the hard way!!)

- List items when people are most likely to be shopping online - eg Evenings and Weekends

- Download the Ebay App to your phone so you can quickly respond to any questions!

Psst! If you would like to check out any of my items, just do a quick search for hollyo2006   :-)

And so... as the bidding ends on my skinny black Zara jeans, I can rest easy knowing that the money I make will go towards me new wardrobe (Woohoo!!) and that my pants have a happy new home...

Happy Shopping Daydreamers xx

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