The Wooden Sky

So, I got invited to go and see a great band play in Manchester last week!

It was in a little venue in the Northern Quarter called Castle Hotel (which may have looked a bit pokey from the outside but was actually really cool inside...

Castle Hotel, Northern Quarter - Manchester

The detail inside the pub is really interesting and the room that the band played in had a great atmosphere - despite being a tad squashed!

So who is this mysterious band that I went to see??

They're called The Wooden Sky and whilst they are originally from Canada, they were touring the UK for a couple of weeks...

The guys have a great sound (the lead singers voice reminds me slightly of Rob Thomas who did that great song with Sanata a couple of years back!)

I couldn't resist getting a bit snap-happy at the venue!

I wanted to keep my outfit quite laid back as it was just a small venue... So I decided on these awesome black, ripped denim shorts from ASOS:

Amazing with little black ankle boots and my trusty leather jacket!

The shorts were a reaasonable £28 and will be a handy item for my spring wardrobe - and if it gets a bit chilly I'll jusy layer them over tights!

Hope you like The Wooden Sky, check out their stuff on YouTube - perfect daydreaming tunes! xxx

Legs 11!

Hey Dolly Girls...

It's been a busy, busy week for me! I've recently joined the Independent Fashion Bloggers site (which is all very exciting) and there have been lots of fun things happening at work too...

But, all work and no play makes Holly a Dull Dolly - so I managed to make it out for a few drinky poos on Friday night!

Black is back!

Bag - Primark, White Flower Ring - Primark
Diamante Ring (on same hand) Miss Selfridge

Pink Rose Ring - Primark Approx £2
Assorted Bracelets from Accessorise and Primark
Earrings (Just seen!) Topshop

I wanted to keep my outfit simple but 'funk' it up with a daring pair of over the knee stockings and loads of jewellery...

I love these Black Striped Stockings from one of my fave sites for accessories - Girlynightout  I think they'll look just as good with a pair of denim shorts or sticking out over a pair of boots!

At a petite 5 ft 3, I'm quite pleased with the 'leg lengthening' effect of the stripes!! :-)

My other top tip for gaining a little extra height?! HEELS! They're a short girls best friend....

Happy Shopping Daydreamers! xx

Being Stupid is Banned.

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Now, as my Blog has been named 'heydollydaydream', you can imagine the reasons why...

Surely I can't be alone in spends a few minutes (or hours!) a day with my head in the clouds wondering "What If'?" or "Would that top go with that skirt?!" and "Why don't we just...." etc etc

You know how general mind-rambling can go!

So I have to admit that I love the recent Deisel advert called - Be Stupid

The words of the Advert really get you thinking...

"Like Balloons we are filled with hopes and dreams,
But over time a Single Sentence creeps into our lives...

Don't Be Stupid"

Now, my praise for this inspiring advert may be considered a little contraversial seeing as the ad campaign has already been Banned due to its 'Indecent and Antisocial' images....

See what you think:

My favourite!

Now, I'm not too sure if I would be considered "Smart" or "Stupid"... but I do know that I LOVE this funky little outfit from Diesels Spring Summer 2011 Collection:

Tshirt - $45 (Approximately £28)
Skirt - $120 (Approximately £75)

Roll on Summer!

What do you think of the adverts Daydreamers?! xx

Postponed?! But Why!!

So, last week I was gearing up for a night at the Academy when a very shocking email popped up in my Inbox...

Lifehouse POSTPONED?!

This has never happened to me before!!

I had already picked out a fabulously casual outfit - Faded denim shorts, black tights and cream shirt under my trusty aviator jacket!

Cream Tab Front Silk Shirt - £40

This cream shirt from Topshop haas been a great little buy this season! You can dress it up or down - it's even suitable for work!

Plus the gorgeous lightweight silk means it will easily take me through to Spring (just need to get it to the Dry Cleaners which is a bit of a pain...!!)

So, seeing as I won't be making it to see Lifehouse until 13th June (aaaaages away!!) I will have to leave you all with this video instead:

This is possibly one of THE most beautiful songs in the world - and it doesn't hurt that the main singer is very easy on the eye...

Enjoy Daydreamers xx