Being Stupid is Banned.

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Now, as my Blog has been named 'heydollydaydream', you can imagine the reasons why...

Surely I can't be alone in spends a few minutes (or hours!) a day with my head in the clouds wondering "What If'?" or "Would that top go with that skirt?!" and "Why don't we just...." etc etc

You know how general mind-rambling can go!

So I have to admit that I love the recent Deisel advert called - Be Stupid

The words of the Advert really get you thinking...

"Like Balloons we are filled with hopes and dreams,
But over time a Single Sentence creeps into our lives...

Don't Be Stupid"

Now, my praise for this inspiring advert may be considered a little contraversial seeing as the ad campaign has already been Banned due to its 'Indecent and Antisocial' images....

See what you think:

My favourite!

Now, I'm not too sure if I would be considered "Smart" or "Stupid"... but I do know that I LOVE this funky little outfit from Diesels Spring Summer 2011 Collection:

Tshirt - $45 (Approximately £28)
Skirt - $120 (Approximately £75)

Roll on Summer!

What do you think of the adverts Daydreamers?! xx


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