Creepy Cocktail Party #MyMidori

My Midori Halloween Cocktail

So, my cousin Olivia throws THE best parties! For her Birthday every year without fail, she throws these epic fancy dress parties where everyone gets completely dressed up. Last night, she organised a tiny get together for All Hallows Eve (Eve) and even that turned into a creepy Halloween Extravaganza...

We carved pumpkins, ate Toffee Apples, played games and got scared to death by someone dressed up in a Clown mask (ahhh!!!)

It was the perfect opportunity to bring out my Fright Night kit that was kindly sent to me by My Midori this week! My huge black box of Halloween goodies included: A scary movie, popcorn, personalised blanket (to hide under) a huge assortment of Creepy Cocktail making bottles - including a tasty bottle of Midori liqueur* and a recipe to mix this all up!

My Midori Halloween Fright Night Set
My Midori Halloween Party

Hostess with the mostest! Liv prepares for the Pumpkin Carving competition! Head over to my twitter to see the finished Pumpkins!!

Halloween Party Ideas
My Midori Halloween Cocktail
Halloween Party Decoration
My Midori Halloween Cocktail
Halloween Toffee Apples

We enjoyed some of the Halloween treats whilst the Barman (Livs boyfriend Rob!) mixed up a shaker full of the last Midori Pandemonium Cocktail!

I have to admit, I had no idea what this was going to taste like, and I was a little concerned when I saw that it contained Gin... I'm not really a fan of gin by itself!? But actually, the drink, was delicious. Like, really really delicious. The flavours mixed together so well, it just gave an overall fruity mix, very drinkable!

My Midori Halloween Cocktail
My Midori Halloween Cocktail
My Midori Halloween Cocktail
My Midori Halloween Cocktail

If you're planning a Halloween party then do check out this creepy cocktail mix! The Midori bottle took centerstage at our party - the zingy green colour really fit the theme perfectly.

However, don't just only drink Midori at Halloween! These tasty little mix, will see you right through the party season!

Have you tried this liqueur before?

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