In The Diary: Proper Tearooms #StayFitDontQuit

Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms

Being a blogger, you're constantly putting yourself out there...  Sharing everything including your opinions, your looks, your very personal style and even, what you eat.

And you know what they say, you are what you eat! 

I thought this post was very appropriate after the recent controversy of Jamie Oliver's campaign to introduce a "Sugar Tax" - Something I wholeheartdly agree with. Even if adding a few pence to the price of a chocolate bar might not stop you from buying one ever again... But it may just make you think twice about the message behind the tax and also, how often you eat sugary foods...

Recently I was invited to Proper Tearooms with Get The Label as part of their Stay Fit, Don't Quit campaign. The aim is to celebrate their new fitness range and encourage people to make exercise a part of their every day lives, regularly. The approach is very much trying to get people to make that first step towards the gym and then make it part of their routine. 

I think this is so important!! I discovered this year that once I had broken out of my routine of hitting the gym, I really struggled to get back into it. And once you lose that "healthy mindset" I think it's much easier to let your healthy diet slip too... 

Luckily, Proper Tearooms had some healthy goodies available for me to try!

Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms

Tip 1: Start your day right! Bagels - ok, yes, these are a carb, but they were a fab source of energy. We skipped the butter and piled on fresh cream cheese instead.

This combined with a chunky fresh salad and fruit, made for a really hearty but healthy brunch! As a mini treat, we also had sugar free brownies - Oh Jamie would be proud!

Green Tea Proper Tearooms

Tip 2: Drink Green Tea. You will all know my love for this after my Summer Detox this year. All hail the green tea and its magical benefits!

Brunch Proper Tearooms

Tip 3: Grab your friends and Stay Fit together! At work at the moment, one of the girls is on a detox, so basically, we're all on a detox! Clear out the communal biscuit cupboard to avoid temptation and motivate each other to stick with it...

Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms
Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms
Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms
Bloggers Brunch Proper Tearooms

Our healthy morning at Proper Tearooms, left me feeling motivated to Stay Fit and Eat Clean! We were even treated to a mini pamper session by the Team at Temple Spa - Irena's enjoying the deliciously scented products above!

If you want to hit the gym in style, do have a look at Get The Label's fitness range as they always have amazing discounts on - I recently grabbed a pair of Adidas trainers that were a real bargain!! Will show you them soon :-)


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