How To: A Summer Drink Detox

Summer Detox with More Drinks and Skinny Coffee

Summer is a great time to detox... If you're feeling like you've overindulged at a wedding or pigged out on holiday, it's definitely time to try inject some goodness into your diet!! 

I decided to detox with help from the Skinny Coffee Club... The guys at SCC have created their own detox drink based on coffee rather than tea, and alongside it runs their healthy eating plan. In my opinion, it's a lot easier to detox in Summer as you tend to need to drink a lot more anyway and salads just seem a lot more appealing on a hot day, right?!

The main aim of my detox was generally to drink a lot more, but rather than do the daily water challenge which can get  bit boring(!) I included Lemon Water, Skinny Coffee, More Vitamin Drinks and Green Tea!

My detox lasted for two weeks and each day I started with a hot mug of water with sliced lemon in - this is a great way to start your day as apparently it gets all the toxins out of your system (just ask Gwynnie). If you drink your lemon water around 15 minutes before you eat your breakfast, it can help aid digestion, cleanse your system and give your immune system a boost.

Summer Detox with More Drinks and Skinny Coffee

Skinny Coffee Detox

Next up, for my morning break at around 10.30am, I would have my Coffee Detox. This consisted of putting a teaspoon of the special Skinny Coffee Club mix into my little strainer, and allowing it to brew for around 3-5 mins. You can add almond / coconut milk or a sweetener to your drink, but I decided to have it straight up! Warning: This is STRONG!

So yeah, the flavour is quite strong and similar to that of a teatox drink, but definitely with more of a coffee edge, which kind of makes it more familiar - if that makes sense?! The difference between a Coffee Detox and a Teatox is that the coffee blend is 10x stronger and only contains natural ingredients.

I decided to give the detox a go as I was impressed with the amount of information on their website. There's has been a lot of speculation about certain Teatoxes recently after it was discovered that the contained laxatives - not good. However, SCC have faced the issue head on on their blog and have been very transparent about their ingredients. I approve!


- Definitely one for coffee lovers!
- Organic and gluten free!
- The health aspect of the detox encourages you to be healthy in other areas of your life to really get the most out it
- The 14 day time period is really do-able and gives you a goal to work towards! 


- I suppose that this is a tiny bit more fiddly than a Tea bag, but that may have been down to the strainer that I used (probably more suited to loose tea). If you have a French Press or coffee filter paper, that may work better.

Skinny Coffee Club Detox Review

More Drinks

These colourful bottles were SO handy as part of my drink detox! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen these popping up on my feed as I travelled around. There are a range of favoured vitamin drinks, each of which includes a different vitamin, so you can make sure that you are getting the essential vits for you!

My favourite is the Vitamin A drink as it's great for your skin, hair etc - oh hey, beauty blogger essential! Well, they do say beauty comes from within :-)

None of their drinks contain sugar either which is a bonus.

More Vitamin Drinks


When you place an order with the Skinny Coffee Club, you receive a healthy eating plan - very handy! Their main advice is to avoid carbs, sugars and alcohol, and instead stock up on veggies galore, keep hydrated and include a few healthy fats like avocado where you can.

My typical lunches included lots of soups, mackerel and salads. I tried to stay off the bread, but if I did want some kind of a sandwich I used pitta or flat bread and again, added a lot of salad. The trickiest thing was not eating potato in the evenings :-( But a switch to sweet potato made this a lot easier!

Green Tea with Lemon - Summer Detox

Green Tea

I (and the Skinny Coffee guys) recommend drinking Green Tea as part of your detox. I can't  believe that I never used to to drink green tea? It's something that I literally only discovered in the past couple of years and now it's ALL I drink? Our office at work is jammed with a gazillion different types of green tea - Jasmin, Lemon, Original... I am currently addicted to obsessing over Green Tea as it seems to take the edge off that strong taste and is really refreshing!

The benefits of green tea are numerous! As well as keeping you hydrated, green tea contains a lot of anti-oxidants which can help reduce cellulite and have anti-agin benefits.

Green Tea with Lemon - Summer Detox

I decided to do a detox with Skinny Coffee as it promised to de-bloat and leave me feeling more refreshed / energetic. Just the thing a busy girl like me needs! At the end of the two weeks I hadn't lost weight particularly but that wasn't my goal behind the detox. I was still having the odd treat and I wasn't following a strict exercise plan. My aim was literally to cleanse my system and generally just eat better. I definitely "beat the bloat" and my skin was a lot more hydrated & plump. 

If you're interested in doing a detox, you can get 20% off The Skinny Coffee Club range with my code Holly20

Have you tried to detox before? Leave your tips below!


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