In The Diary: Notting Hill With Nica

Notting Hill With Nica Handbags


So I never really got the whole London thing? That sweaty underground, the tourists, the busy streets... Public Transport? Yeesh! Not my bag. However, one of my Uni friends moved into Landan Town a few months ago and since then, I've been heading to the "Big Smoke" a bit more regularly. And, crazy to admit it but... I think I'm falling in love with it?

Last weekend I headed down to London for my friends Pink Themed House party - which was INSANE. And whilst I was down there, I enjoyed the most beautiful, bloggers day out with Beth Norton, Chloe Plumstead and Tiger Lily in Notting Hill, all thanks to Nica Handbags.

The team at Nica organised the most beautiful brunch for us at the Farm Girl Cafe - you only have to head over to their homepage to get a glimpse of the yumminess.. No wonder this place is popular with socialites like the Made in Chelsea crew and also owner of Nica Handbags, Nica!

There's nothing more inspiring than meeting someone who is passionate about what they do and are doing it well. Nica is such a great example of this! As I turned up on the hottes day of the year feeling like a horrible, sweaty mess (I actually had to borrow clothes off Uni-Friend-Sophie it was so darned hot!) Nica made me feel very relaxed and welcomed. Despite her success, Nica wasdown to earth, open and friendly, took a real interest in each of us.

Once we'd had some food (which I've instagrammed of course!) Nica took us on a tour of Notting Hill and showed us some of her favourite spots. It was a great opportunity to get some pictures in a beautiful setting with our very own Nica Handbag. The team picked for me the Tary Backpack in monochrome which will be a part of their new A/W collection. (Coming soon)

Blogger Beth Norton at Farm Girls with Nica
Farm Girls in Notting Hill
Market in Notting Hill
Wild at Heart Flower Market in Notting Hill

Can you spot the Nica Handbags amongst the flowers?!

Tiger Lily Blog Photographer

Say hey to blogger Chloe from the Tiger Lily blog - her photos are just GORGE! I love seeing Bloggers in action, you can learn so much! I've only had my DSLR for about 9 months now, so I'm always keen to get some pic-practise in :-)

Nica Handbags in Notting Hill
Notting Hill
Nica Handbags in Notting Hill
Nica Handbags in Notting Hill

Introducing Nica!

From one #GirlBoss to another, I was totally inspired by this lady!! She had some amazing stories to tell and was so passionate about what she does. The bags that she creates are so details and luxurious, so it was interesting to hear that she gets inspiration from all round the world and regularly goes on "inspiration trips" to places like Copenhagen (can I introduce this to Rock On Ruby, I wonder?!)

Portobello Market Sign
Rock On Holly with Nica Handbags
Tary Backpack from Nica Handbags
Vintage car in Notting Hill

Sorry if this post is a bit photo heavy! There were just so many cool things to snap away at!! I'll be doing an outfit post soon featuring my new Nica backpack as I can't wait to show this off :-)

If you want to see even more snaps from the day, do check out the #NicaInspires on instagram and twitter and follow our journey on the Nica Handbags instagram account :-)

Have you been to Notting Hill before? 


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