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Crazy Pedros Pizza

Ok, who can resist a piece of pizza? Fresh basil... mushy tomato... The choice of bases... the never ending toppings... Mmm, I'm almost drooling as I write!

Pizza is getting a bit of social media loving at the moment, and when I laid my eyes on these Crazy Pedros Pizzas, it's not hard to see why.

I headed to Crazy Pedros for a blog meet up organised by the lovely Jess recently and it was the perfect location. Based just off Manchester's Deansgate, the venue is seriously cool and colourful - I loved the decor. The long benches allowed us to mingle and chat, and the HUGE pizzas made for a very sociable meal! There was lots of "Ooh pass me a chicken slice" and "get your iPhone out of my Margherita..." etc etc :) #bloggerproblems

However, the piece de resistance of the day, had to be the chicken and waffle pizza. Yes, you read that right. It was UNREAL. Think, Canadian style pancakes with bacon and you're on the right tracks.

The team at the self proclaimed, "Part Time Pizza Parlour" were really nice and made sure we had everything we needed - they even gave me my first drink for free! :-)

Crazy Pedros Pizza Manchester

Above: The infamous chicken and waffle pizza

Crazy Pedros Pizza ManchesterCrazy Pedros Pizza Manchester
Crazy Pedros Pizza Manchester
Crazy Pedros Pizza Manchester - Blog Crush
Crazy Pedros Pizza Manchester - Blogger Programme

If you're looking for a chilled out place with yummy food, then this is the place for you. The cocktails are delish and they're open daily until 4am, so go fill your boots!

Interesting fact: I was pretty surprised to see on the Crazy Pedros website that they are owned by the same people who run Cane and Grain - the home of our Rock On Ruby Christmas Party last year! (No wonder it's so bloomin' good!) 

Special thanks to Jess for organising a lovely blogger meet up and for introducing me to this cool, new venue - 10/10.


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