#RORxmas - Rock On Ruby Blogger Party

So, I've been to a few amazing Blogger events in the past few weeks, with FashionChick, Fragrance Direct and South Beach Swim… but last weekend we decided to throw our own with Rock On Ruby! EEK! It's always great fun to go to an event, mingle with other bloggers and see what a brand has to offer; but it's quite different when you're hosting your own!

We decided to throw our Rockin' Christmas Party at The Liars Lounge in Cane and Grain, based in Manchester's super cool Northern Quarter. The theme was a Tiki Christmas with our own ROR twist. 

We wanted our day to be something that the Bloggers could really get involved in so we planned a few fabulous, fashion activities.. From designing your own Rockin' Tee, Styling up a top, and watching a "Frozen" inspired make up demo with Illamasqua makeup artist, Patrick...

The cocktails were GORGEOUS! Cane and Grain made a new recipe especially for our event with Gingerbread syrup, vodka and cinnamon. It was truly Christmas in a glass!

And can I point out our Rock On Ruby balloon!? I'm in LOVE with this! It arrived in a big box on the day and was a surprise from Lucy (below) for the event - how cute??

Gail from The Equinox Fashion with Lucy!

Finally, got to catch up with Monique from Glitter and Grimes! Below, Team ROR in our Christmas Jumpers. We each picked our slogan for the day (all online now at www.girlynightsout.com!)

Style Challenge!! The bloggers were challenged with styling up one of our Rock On Ruby tops with vintage pieces from Blue Rinse… The results were surprisingly awesome (You can see some of the outfits online here)

Designing Tees! Ever had a quote or weird phrase with your BFF that only the two of you get?! Now you can get it out onto a top with Rock On Ruby! (A fab gift idea, just FYI)

Even though our bloggers were surrounded by Mince Pies and treats, we thought coming up to Christmas would be a great time to launch our new #ROCKTHEGYM range! Featuring motivational hashtags and quirky slogans, we wanted to come up with a fun range that would encourage girls to get to the gym in the New Year - but to look good doing it! 

"Good things come to those who sweat…"

How cool is this make up look on Eliza? As we are obsessed with Frozen and "Let It Go" we asked Patrick to come up with a showstopping "Elsa inspired" look that the girls could watch being created. So cool! We first found Patrick doing a Halloween Look for the Illamasqua Beauty School Drop in Selfridges and knew he'd come up with something awesome on the day!

Finally, the Goody Bags! How amazing is this?! We worked with some FAB brands to create the perfect party bag for the Bloggers in the run up to the Party Season. Each bag included a Hashtag Tee from Rock On Ruby, Lovely Legs spray and Mitt from Coco Brown Tan (highly recommended!!) 20% off Elf  Cosmetics, Detox Tea from Tiny Tea, Glitter Shakers from Stargazer, a new hair product from Lee Staffords new Ubunto Oils hair range (I'll be reviwing this for the blog!) and finally, a gorgeous Fashion print and pencil from Dottie Rocks. Her items are gorgeous for and blogger, I would definitely recommend checking this out!

If you'd like to attend a Rock On Ruby event, let me know and comment below :-)


  1. What an amazing night. The goody bag looks amazing. xox


  2. Looks like great fun!! Not surprised to see Gail there... ;)



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