The Body Shop - Youthful Eyes and Hempy Hands?!

So, you may remember in November I went along to the Body Shop's Christmas launch party at the Trafford Centre. These are the goodies that I picked up - Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate and Hemp Hand Protector. Both are two of the TOP Body Shop Products and Best Sellers world wide. So I thought I'd try them and let you know how I got on...

First up is the Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate.
You get 10ml in a tube and this does go a long way. Basically squeeze the pump down until you get the "smiley face" cream shape shown above, then apply straight from the tube using the roll on to apply in a "figure of 8" motion around your eyes.

I've been using this religiously since picking it up in November and I do really like it. The concentrate has a lovely "cooling" sensation when it's applied so it's great for when you have tired, dry eyes! The main Question!! Does it really make you look youthful?! It's supposed to give you instantly firmer looking skin but, Erm... Kind of hard to tell in the long term? (I should point out I get like this about allll anti-ageing creams. I mean, I'm older and therefore more wrinkly today then yesterday anyway, right? But how wrinkly would I be if I didn't use it?!

Anyway, I would definitely buy it again as I do like to have some eye product to apply and I do love how soothing this is when you put it on, but at £18, I would probably look for some kind of deal first.

Next up is this Hemp Hand Cream - I think this was around £6 maybe?! I LOVE this! I was looking for a hand cream for winter that I could just throw in my handbag and not worry about being too greasy or florally (Ergh!) and this is perfect. I use it every night before I go to bed and it feels great. The smell is quite hard to describe (quite earthy maybe?!) fab if you're like me and prefer no-nonsense products without a sickly scent!

These are the first Body Shop products I've tried in a long time and I am really pleased with the quality of both the items and the packaging. When I was buying these, the staff were really helpful and knowledgeable about the products which was great to see. (Because I was clueless)

Have you tried either of these products before? 

Which are your fave Body Shop Products?


  1. I have tried the hand cream and really loved it! I also really like their body butters :)

  2. I like the hand cream , I really want to try more of Body Shops product but theres none near me . xox


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