Ones To Watch in 2015...

So, When I first started my blog, I wanted it to be about my two main loves - Me and Me.
(Just kids!) FASHION & MUSIC! Mainly, because the two are so interlinked in my eyes. One influences the other so easily, and I love how you can tell so much about a person from the music they listen to and the clothes they wear...

So, I am aiming to bring more of this onto my blog for 2015. Starting, with, ones to watch in the New Year:

Ok, so obvs Ella is quite well known right now. But she's been my number 1, hot pick since I saw her perform at the Ritz in October and she was UNREAL. My sis and I grabbed some tickets after hearing 1 song of hers on the radio (and because they were cheap) but it was so worth it. Like a mini Beyonce, she owned the stage - I can't wait to see what she has lined up for 2015.


Georgie Boy has hit the roof this year and it seems mad that literally less than 12 months ago, I actually MET him whilst he supported Tom Odell on tour. George was on stage, just himself and his guitar whilst every girl in the room swooned over his every word. He such a nice, down to earth guy and I LOVE his style of music.


These cheeky chaps look about 12 but have actually been around since 2007!! Their debut album launched in September this year and their latest hit Pacifier was performed at the BBC Music Awards. Tuuuuune!!

Who have you got your eye on for 2015? 



  1. Never heard of Catfish and the Bottlemen but they sound pretty cool so thanks for the recommendation!! Although I think George Ezra had already happened this year with a #1 album.

    Oliver from - also a fashion + music blog. ;)

    1. Yeah he's definitely gone huge this year! Looking forward to seeing what he does next though....!! :-) xx

  2. Great picks! I really like Catfish and the Bottlemen :) I haven't really listened to Ella, I'll have to check her stuff out. I already have George's album!

    1. Yeah do! I was SO impressed with her live performance, I'd definitely go see her again!! X


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