How To: Get Your Legs Summer Ready

How to Get Your Legs Summer Ready

How to get your legs ready for Summer, Sun, Parties, Weddings.... and Life?

Yes, despite the poor weather we've been having, it's still bare-leg season! As I was preparing for a wedding the other weekend, I realised that my legs were a horrible, stubbly, pasty mess. Time for a makeover!

Step 1. Waxing.

Now bearing in mind that the last time I attempted to wax my own legs, I ended up in the shower trying to wash off the wax strip stuck to my leg (such a wuss!!) so this was quite new to me. However, when Veet got in touch asking if I wanted to try out some of their new products, I decided it was time to "man up" and give the old home waxing thing another go...

I have to admit, it was the look of their new wax roll on kit that swayed me! The set is around £15 to buy (if you try Amazon or Superdrug!), and contains a roll on stick of wax, that you easily slip inside an applicator. Plug in your applicator and around 20 mins later, you're ready to wax 'n' roll!

Veet Wax Roll On Kit

Above is the stick of wax that you can easily  remove and refill once it's empty - I presume that you should get quite a few goes out of this.

Below is the applicator. It took me a while to figure out which way I should be rolling and get the angle right, but once it's right, it's very straight forward to do. There's also a handy "how to video" on the Veet product page.

Veet Wax Roll On Kit

I have to admit, that whilst waxing is obviously not a relaxing, beauty experience, it's definitely do-able!! There is that moment, right before you pull the strip off where you have to kind of mentally prepare yourself... "Here we go...!" But, it was definitely worth it. I just did the bottom half of my legs but even a week later, they were still super smooth and pretty much hair free.

Waxing Tips: As you can see above, my legs had the remnants of old tan on them - I reeeally should have exfoliated and removed this before I started to wax! 

For any newbie waxers out there, I would recommend using the heated wax as it does (in my opinion) seem to take the pain out of it a little more?! 

For any leftover wax on your legs, a face wipe or the wipes in the kit are brilliant at getting this off! Just give them a good rub :-)

I would suggest waxing the day before an event, just to give your legs time to settle down - mine were quite red for a while after!

When you've finished, add a layer of moisturiser, just to soothe your skin and add in some moisture! 

How to Get your Legs Beach Party Ready

Step 2: Exfoliating

Now, as mentioned before, I definitely should have removed my old tan before I waxed my legs, as I was left with strange, white, hair free rectangle shapes on my legs where both tan and hair had been stripped away... Very bizarre looking!

However, I would still recommend a good exfoliation after you have waxed, it's great for removing any left over wax! I tried out the Sunkissed Exfoliating Tan Remover and I really liked this. The granules in the exfoliator were quite fine, so they did a great job of really sloughing away any dead skin. For any tough patches of old tan, I do think I would need an exfoliating mitt as well, but this was great for using on even my freshly waxed skin as it wasn't too harsh. My skin was left feeling super smooth!

This is really reasonably priced (£3.99) so I felt like I could use quite a bit and not be too "precious" about it. 
Sunkissed Exfoliator

So once, my legs were de-fuzzed, smooth and exfoliated, it was time to add a bit of colour back in! I tried the Sunkissed Rapid Tan as this promised to develop within 60 mins!

I used this with one of the Sunkissed Tanning Mitts, which has been brilliant. I've used it loads and it's still in one piece! The tan was really easy to apply and immediately gave me a golden colour. I decided to leave this on for over 60 mins (such a rebel!) just to get a stronger colour, and I'm glad I did.

When I did wash it off, the tan left me with quite a natural colour - see below, which lasted for several days.
Summer Ready Legs with Veet

I'd love to hear if you have any Home Waxing stories! Have you tried this before?! 

If you have any other tips on getting the perfect Summer legs, let me know!

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