OOTD: My Go-To Outfit

Rock On Holly Mom Jeans and Bomber Jacket

So, just a quick post today as I'm heading out for my friends birthday this evening and basically I need to sort my life hair out...

This month has been literally non-stop, so I kind of wanted to use this post as a little catch up - even bloggers need a day off! And this is literally my go-to outfit when I don't have the brains to think of what to wear.

You've probably seen these pieces styled up several different ways on my blog before... The River Island jacket (now sold out!) was a big hit on my Stripes and Horcruxes blog post and these Topshop Mom Jeans will probably have to be peeled off my cold, dead body when I'm 93 (please god, I survive that long!). They are SO unbelievably comfy and versatile too. I've styled them with everything from oversized sweaters to cute cami vests (see my Portobello Style blog post!)

Of course, weverone needs a basic grey vest and for footwear, you can't beat a pair of comfy flats or loafers. These beauts are from Primark - how awesome is their "shoe game" recently??? Well played Primark.

I'm actually pretty devo-ed that I seem to have lost these sunglasses somewhere between Ireland and the UK on a recent trip.... So I'm currently on the hunt for a new / similar pair. If you have any suggestions I'd love to know!

Rock On Holly Mom Jeans and Bomber Jacket
Rock On Holly Mom Jeans and Bomber Jacket
Rock On Holly Mom Jeans and Bomber Jacket
Amsterdam Graffiti
Rock On Holly Mom Jeans and Bomber Jacket

These pics were taken in Amsterdam by the lovely blogger Sara - her Casual Luxe style is definitely worth a look :-)

What's your go to outfit on your lazy days?!


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