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Bali Health Lounge Spa in Manchester Review

It's been crazy busy at work recently as we have just launched our own website (!) and new collaboration with Dom and Ink! So it was a real treat to be invited to check out the Bali Health Lounge in Manchester, as I was in dire need of some relaxation and de-stressing...

Straight off the hustle and bustle of China Town, lies THE MOST idyllic, themed spa, I have ever seen...

Set over 3 floors, I was amazed at how peaceful and beautiful the place was. The team at Bali Health Lounge have really aimed to provide a calm environment, right in the city centre, where people can come and relax in a very convenient location. They offer a range of beauty treatments including nails, waxing, facials etc, but I was booked in for a full body massage. (Actually I didn't know this as the time, so thank god I had shaved my legs!) 

I often have trouble with tightness in my shoulders and arms due to being on a computer / my phone a lot for work... This often leads to pins and needles, achiness and real tightness in my hands too. I've had physio for this before and have been advised to have regular massages to ease the tension.

My masseuse was Anna and she was incredible!! The room that we went into was spacious and serene. It had all the modern conveniences, including a heated bed that raised up and down, heating in the room and adjustable lighting. Everything could be adjusted to suit your preferences and Anna made sure that she asked what I was comfortable with.

Bali Health Lounge Spa in Manchester ReviewBali Health Lounge Spa in Manchester ReviewBali Health Lounge Spa in Manchester ReviewBali Health Lounge Spa in Manchester Review
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The full body massage lasted for 60 minutes, but it was the perfect amount of time. As each part of your body is worked on individually, the time flies! It was a real treat to get the arm and leg massages as this isn't something that I've had done before; but I have to admit, the best part was getting all of the tense "knots" massaged out of my back! Wow! Anna warned me that the next day I would feel as though I had done a workout as the session was quite intense! But it was well worth it.

After the treatment, I was able to relax in the downstairs lounge with a complimentary cup of tea whilst I gathered my thoughts!

Here's the Deal:

One of my favourite things about the Bali Health Lounge is that they now offer membership rates. So for a set price of £40 you can get one treatment a month - great for people like me who probably need that to really benefit from regular sessions. (My full body massage would normally be £62, so already that's a massive saving each month)

The aim behind the membership, is that the Bali Health Lounge have a holistic approach and believe that regular treatments can be just as beneficial to you as other services that you would pay monthly for - like the gym. The membership also entitles you to discounts off other treatments, so the savings can really add up. I think it's some thing that I'll be looking into... I've been told by the team that nobody has cancelled their membership yet, so make of that what you will!

What do you think of the membership idea? Is it something you would like to do?


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