Tiny Little Treats. . . .

Hello Dolly Girls!

Don't you just hate it when you plan an outfit, but when you actually put it on you find it's missing a little something?! That it needs a little pizazz?!

That's why I think I've turned into a little Magpie recently! I just can't resist anything that sparkles, glistens, jangles and shines! In fact, I think I've got a problem...

Take a look at these Tiny little Treats, they're not all expensive but they sure are beautiful:

Elephant Stud Earrings - Accessorise Sale


Elephant Earrings as before, Love Ring £6 from JunkJewels.co.uk
Flower Ring from Topshop

Earrings -Topshop, Bracelet - Accessorise Sale, Ring - Boutique

I always find that when you have gorgeous jewellery like this, sometimes it gets lost in your outfit. The detail is so tiny you almost need an arrow pointing to them saying:

"Look at me! I'm Perfect!!"

I love the detail in these Charm necklaces below:

Pearl Horsehoe, Eiffel Tower and Rose Heart all from Accessorise Sale
Diamante Bow with Pearl detail - Primark

St.Christopher medallion on long chain - ASOS
Turquoise Stone necklace and Turquoise Chain - Both Topshop
L.O.V.E necklace - Primark

As Above
A good way to draw attention to beautiful jewellery is to layer it up - the more the merrier!

These bracelets add a tiny touch of colour to any outfit without clashing with each other. The trick is to pick similar styles and colour tones:

'Saints' Bracelet is Boutique, all other Bracelets from Accessorise

Michael Kors Gold Watch - Selfridges, Bracelets as above 

Don't be afraid to mix expensive jewellery with other 'costume' jewellery, it can still look amazing.
The warm tones of these bracelets will look fab well into Summer!

That's all for today Dolly Daydreamers... it just shows that beautiful little bargains can be found in any Sale (thankyou Accessorise!!) you just need to keep your eyes open!

Happy Daydreams of tiny little treats... xx


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