Stop that Copycat!

Don't you just hate it when you've been daydreaming about a fabulous outfit for a while...

..... You know when you're going to wear it.... You've mentally picked your jewellery...

And then the time finally comes to wear the fabulous outfit and Shock Horror, three other girls walk into the bar with them SAME Topshop top on as you. Cringe.

Well yes, you can smile politely and say something smart like "Oh Snap! Haha!" Or... you can get a bit clever.

The High Street is a-maaaazing for designer style on a budget! And while everyone does have their own unique style, often if you think a top is fabulous chances are a hundred other girls will too!

That's why when I went shopping last, I decided to try somewhere I wouldn't normally go -

Dorothy Perkins!

And WOW has that shop changed since I last went in!?

With racks of clothes that wouldn't look out of place in Topshop I have to admit several things caught my eye...

1. Their gorgeous range of Patent Nude Shoes:

Nude Platform Court Shoe - £32, Dorothy Perkins

(As worn by Livy in my blog 'Behind the Scenes with Livy')

There are several colours and tyles in the range - so it's less likely someone else will have exactly the same pair!

2. Their new ranges by original designers! Thats right, Dorothy Perkins now has several racks of clothes by other designers including Uttam London - "Designed for the Indiviual!"

Uttam London in Dorothy Perkins
'Designed for the Individual'

To congratulate myself on my new find, I treated myself to this gorgeous floral playsuit:

Floral Playsuit, £26 Dorothy Perkins
The playsuit can be a tricky item of clothing to wear, but this super mini-suit comes with hidden shorts underneath AND clever little poppers to make going to the Ladies Room a little easier!

Popper Button Detail!
I <3 the 'Cath Kidston' style floral print!

Perfect for Spring!

I'm going to start wearing my playsuit with a brown skiny belt and Over the Knee socks now, then with bare legs and nude heels (as above!) in warmer weather.

Yummy AND original!

Happy Shopping Dolly Daydreamers! xx


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