Behind the Scenes with Livy

Well Dolly Girls!

It's been a busy week, what with Valentines Treats, Birthdays and Photoshoots - when's a girl supposed to Blog?!

Last week, I got the chance to go behind the scenes on a photoshoot with an up and coming singer - Livy!

The photos were being shot to go on her management company's website and also on her new Myspace page which will be launched very soon.... (Watch this space!)

Livy's style is pure pop with an operatic twist - think Pixie Lott meets Charlotte Church (but with a way better voice!)

Take a look at the popstrel in action:

A pose that Britney would be proud of!
(in her early days...)

The first few shots - trying not to giggle!

Strike a Pose!
Livys outfit is from Topshop and her Patent Nude Heels are from Dorothy Perkins.

Those fab khaki trousers will also look fab with a punk tshirt or with a 70s themed outfit - love them!

Outfit Number 2!
One quick wardrobe change later and Livy has an outfit that Pixie Lott would be jealous of!

The Floral Print Dress is from Topshop, Over the Knee socks from Girlynightout and fab chunky shoe boots from Lipsy.

Ready to Rock and Roll!
A total Pop Star in the making, the finished shots are yet to be released but already look amazing!

"Geek Chic"
Messing around Back Stage!

I'll be keeping an eye on Livys progress and updating you on what's next.... Livy has spent the past few days holed up in a studio recording her tracks, can't wait to hear it!

Until then, my next gig will be Lifehouse at the Academy (that's LIFEhouse, not to be confused with Lighthouse!!)

That's all for now Daydreamers! xx


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