Just when I thought MAC Make-up couldn't get any better, I find out they have only gone and brought out a new range of make up inspired by Wonderwoman?!

Image from marvelous-girl.com
A true Female Superhero, a great Fancy Dress Costume and a super bold Make Up look... Ooh, all my favourite things!

For Beauty with POW! This range isn't for the fainthearted... With a mission to banish bad beauty looks and fight off dull skin - Wonderwoman is here to help! (Phew!!)

Take a look at the mighty range that MAC will be introducing to stores near you THIS March:

Wonderwoman Make Up Collection -
Image courtesy of MAC


The collection comes in retro 'comic' book style packaging and includes products such as the 'Bulletproof' Make Up Bag, 'Invincible' Mirrors and super inspirational product names such as 'Spitfire' and 'Heroine'.

It's Girl Power all the way! (Plus, it just shows that even Superheroes don't wake up with naturally red lips and full lashes!! There's hope for us all...)

My top pick from the Wonderwoman range would have to be a scorching hot lippy... For a pout that can really pack a punch why not try the Russian Red lipstick:

Wonderwoman MAC Lipstick 'Red Russian'

But be quick!!

This lipstick is apparently in demand and can already be found on Ebay selling at £30 inc P&P!! Gosh! At this rate, even Superman will want one....

Happy Shopping Dolly Daydreamers!


  1. That;s some kewl stuff!I think I'm really liking the mascara! lol! Oh, and I love your blog background,too!!!!! :D

  2. OH YES! One of our awesome american friends has pretty much everything! LOVE. We can't wait for it to come out over here! We want the utility belt <3

    T & J




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