I Love My Bag

Well Girls...

There I was, window shopping and daydreaming about what gorgeous things I would buy if I wasn't enduring a buying ban (sigh) when I stumbled across this beautiful Cath Kidston shop window:

How beautiful! And how very true... I LOVE my new bag!

This gorgeous brown beauty is from Topshop:

Brown Leather Bag, Topshop £75, in store now.
I know, I know... it's a bit pricey... But! I got it as a Christmas present (or as an exchange instead of some shoes if I'm really honest!)
Plus, I will use it every day and its gorgeous tan colour will look good all year round! So, in a "Price-Per-Wear" equation, it's a bargain really!

You can really tell a lot about a girl from the contents of her bag (anyone ever seen 'How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days'?! The 'forgotten handbag' scene? Brilliant!)

Here are the essential things that I carry around with me every day (as well as a lot of other random rubbish)

These are a 2011 Girls Blogging Tools!

Top R to L: Umbrella, Gloves, MAC Compact, Topshop Mirror, MAC Lipstick
Brown Diary, Brown Leather Bag, Pentax Camera, White Blackberry

This bag is great as it has several pockets for throwing different items into!

Black Ruffle Umbrella, River Island - essential in this gloomy British weather at the moment...

White Blackberry aka the Crackberry - it never leaves my sight!

Brown Leather Gloves, Primark - A Beautiful Brown Bargain

Black Pentax Camera - You never know when inspiration will strike!

MAC Lipstick, Angel - A gorgeous natural pink colour for everyday use

Diary "Jour" from a Boutique in Chorlton, Manchester - great for jotting down ideas for Blogs, new trends, important dates...

I have a lovely little list of juicy things that I can't wait to get writing about - hopefully if I'm writing I won't be buying!!

If anyone has any other tips and handy essentials, let me know!

Lots of love Dolly Daydreamers xx


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