Straight hair without Straightners? Whaaat!

Yes. It can totally happen. 

I've recently been introduced to Lee Staffords Ubunto Hair range* and it is AWESOME. I received these goodies in the gift bags from our Rock On Ruby event and I have to admit I wasn't THAT familiar with Lee Stafford's products... BUT NOW!? I am actually converting family members to these pink bottles of hairy goodness.

So, let's check out the range!

From Left:
Schwarzkopf 2 Sexy Big Volume Hairspray, Ubunto Oils Moisturising Blow Dry Smoother, Ubunto Oils Heat Protection Spray, Ubunto Oils Repair Oil, Tangle Teezer

The Ubunto Oils range includes these 3 products (and I just spied on Boots that they also do a Shampoo AND Conditioner. YES!) When creating my super sleek look, I started by using the Blow Dry Smoother on my towel dried hair and combing this through with my tangle teezer.

It is quite a thick lotion and I generally only use 1 pump as my hair is shoulder length. It does leave quite a "producty" feel on your hair at first, and as my hair is only fine I was a bit worried it would be left feeling greasy once it was dry. But this was not the case!! This is by far my fave from the entire range. 

Before I started blow drying my hair, I gave it a few quick sprays of the Heat Protection Spray I think that this is quite good, however... when it comes out of the bottle it does come out in very powerful bursts, rather than a fine mist. So on that point, it is quite hard to spread out evenly over your do!

When my hair is dry I add the Repair Oil to the ends to give it a really smooth finish. This is a fab serum, and a brill product for getting rid of any flyaways / frizz. FYI, if you're worried that serums aren't for you then, they also do this in a mist version!

I finished my look with this hairspray from Schwarzkopf. Now, I do like my hairspray to feel like hairspray (sorry L'Oreal!) so I do like this! The scent is slightly bubblegummy, or watermelon-y or something, so I don't overly love that... But it does give great volume!

Out of all of the products, my fave is the blow dry smoothing lotion. It is quite pricey at £11.99 but I can see this lasting me for a while. Plus, every time I use this I get complimented on my hair, so I think that's worth every penny! :)

Have you tried any of Lee Staffords products before?


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