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Here she is, the girl who got me back into Blogging... My "Blogspiration"!  A lot of people think that Gail and I were already friends when we started going to fashion events together last year... But actually I only met Gail through Rock On Ruby last June! She contacted us by email after discovering our tees on instagram and we loved her Street Style so much, we sent a tee all the way to Bangkok! Gail and I then stayed in touch by email and became Pen Pals (or E-Pals?). We finally met a few months later when she moved to Manchester in September to do a Masters course in Fashion Marketing. 

Since then we have become Blogger Buddies! I have tried to take her round some of my fave haunts in Manchester (mainly burger places and cocktil bars!) But it's also so nice to have someone to go to events with, and as any blogger knows, take outfit photos! Blogging can be time consuming, but I love how passionate Gail is about her blog - Equinox Fashion.

From blogging, Gail and I were invited to check out the amazing Thai food at Thaikhun - and it truly was the nicest Thai food I have ever had! It was amazing to go with Gail who recommended some of the traditional Thai dishes below... You can read more about the yummy food that we sampled on her blog here.

(Never interrupt a blogger at work!)

The food at Thaikhun was incredible! I would highly recommend it, and I'll definitely be taking my pals there to check it out...

For any Bloggers out there... What inspires you to blog and what helps you to keep posting?

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  1. That looks amazing!! I love the interior there!! Your pictures are fantastic! I need to go there!!
    all best,


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