Fashion Rulez!

Hey Dolly Girls!

Don't you just hate it when you're flicking through your favourite fashion mag and you come across 'Fashion Rules'?! Erm, aren't Rules are for School, not fashion?!

Well get a load of this! One magazine (who shall not be shamed and named!!) said that as it is January we should all be wary shoppers... those devious SALE signs are everywhere and we must not get misled!! Shock Horror! We must all walk round with our eyes closed to avoid those (beautiful) neon Reduction stickers... Or! alternatively, follow some really dull fashion rules. Ew.

Now, this particular magazine had 2 Tips:

1. Buy style staples - everyone should have a White Shirt, a Black pair of trousers and an LBD.
2. Make a list of what you need and Stick To It!

Sensible right?

Well isn't sensible just another word for, boring?!

YES! Style staples are great, but when did they get so dull? Surely style staples nowadays are more likely to include a pair of jeans that flatter your bum and a leather jacket that makes you feel like Sandy in Grease?! (Post makeover of course)

And Making a list??! You can't plan a bargain people!!

Yes, I agreee that to be a Savvy Shopper it's not a good idea to blow all your money on one fabulous handbag - no matter how tempting it is!!

But my fashion motto is simple: Think Ahead.

Read around! If you're a dedicated follower of fashion you'll know which trends will be sticking around and where you should invest your money.

See this dress ->

Topshop Elasticated Waist Shift Dress, £45

I got the Navy version of this little beauty in the Sale for £20!
So you can imagine my surprise (and delight!) when it appeared in store just a few weeks later back at its original price!!?

Navy and camel are THE colours of the season so I'll definitely be wearing mine with a chunky camel cardy for work and with super High Heels for night!

Camel Woven  Tassel Crepe Heel Loafers, £85
Another Sale Bargain that I picked up was this denim shirt from River Island for only £12:

Dark Wash Roll Sleeve Shirt, RRP £29.99

Again this will look great with that camel colour for this seasons 70's theme trend!

To try and save some pennies I am currently in the midst of a self-inflicted 'Buying Ban'! :-O
It's painful but I'm determined to do it.... I'll keep you updated on how I'll be using bits and pieces from my current wardrobe to stay fashionably fab!

Happy Bargain Hunting Daydreamers! xx


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