What Next?!

Well, I have to admit that I used to think that Next was purely for buying boring work clothes or dressing your mum on her Birthday...

But WOW what a transformation recently!?

Not only have Next introduced some gorgeous clothes the past few seasons, but their website is super easy to use too :-)

I love their latest Festival range:

Festival Fashion by Next

I love the neutral colours that they've put together - perfect for hiding the dirt whilst camping!!

My favourite look? It has to be this one:

And the best bit is that this whole look comes to less than £100!

- Khaki Printed Mac £35
- Cream Embroidered Cami £22
- 'Mid Wash' Denim Shorts £20 (Petites version available - woohoo!)
- Quilted Navy Wellies £25 - Bargain!!

I would maybe add a pair of outrageous earrings just to add a touch of glamour to this look:

Feather Earrings from River Island

I'm also a big fan of the models hair.... Very tempted to ask for a little 'ginge-tinge' when I visit the hairdressers tomorrow...!!

And speaking of Gingers - the latest addition to the Next website is ex-Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell!

The singer looks absolutely amaaazing in the lastest Next adverts for swimwear:

"She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeeny yellow polka dot bikini...."

And boy does she wear it well! (I can see that polka dot bikin going in my holiday suitcase this Summer!)

At £40 for both the top and bottom, these bikinis could be seen to be a bit pricey... BUT! Their measurements are the same as Bras, so just pick the right cup size and you're definitely guaranteed the right fit!
As Geri herself says -

"Introducing my Swimwear... Cut to make you look sexy but give total support!"

Well, if it's good enough for the Ginge!

Happy Shopping Daydreamers xx


  1. I love your "outrageous earrings" idea. Those earrings are amazing I have a pair of peacock dangle feather earrings but I'd much rather wear those ones above, I've never seen any like those here in the US.


  2. I love that look too, the rain boots are perfect.

  3. wow she looks amazing!!! really cute blog <3 i like i like.




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