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Watercolour Hair By Matrix Haircare on Rock On Holly Blog

So, last week I was kindly invited by the Matrix team to be one of the first to try out their new Watercolour hair dyes. (HOW EXCITING!) The Watercolour range includes a range of shades, but! These are colours with a difference. 

Introducing the range

The range includes the following colours: Moss Green, Blue Sapphire, Coral Peach, Berry Violet & Quartz Pink. However, these aren't your usual pastel shades, Matrix have carefully created these colours so that they appear as muted, colour tones - suitable for all age groups. In their pure tones, they are sophisticated and wearable, but when diluted, they create, faded pastel colours. The best way for me to describe these is, if you were to imagine that someone could be born with, for example, blue hair, then this is how it would look!! The colours aren't outrageous or wild, they are a way for you to add colour to your style in a (dare I say it) "natural" looking way. Yes, colour is officially cool.

So, before we began, I met up with Adam, who is one of the Creative Directors at Matrix, at their Manchester salon (Ethos Hairdressing) to discuss the possibilities and to create my look...

Watercolour Hair By Matrix Haircare on Rock On Holly Blog

The Technique

We decided that with my natural ombre hair, a root stretch using a blend of Berry Violet with Quartz pink, would work well. This then moved down towards vibrant, pure tones using Quartz pink and Coral Peach on the mid length and ends. Several strands were hand painted at random to break this up and add depth.

For the top section, Adam diluted some of the tones towards the ends to add another dimension of colour to the look - I LOVED these shades as they looked like pink highlights!

Watercolour Hair By Matrix Haircare on Rock On Holly Blog

Colour That Cares

 The watercolour shades all contain ceramides, so not only do they colour your hair, but they care for it at the same time. Unlike other dyes which just stain and can even damage your hair, the Ceramides in the Matrix colours actively repair any damaged areas. Once my colour was applied, you could really see the difference - so much shinier and healthier than before.

Watercolour Hair By Matrix Haircare on Rock On Holly Blog 
Watercolour Shades

As you can see, the colours can be mixed and blended together - almost like an artists palette, to create a wide range of colours.

I was totally spoilt for choice! When I first heard about the range, I thought I would be drawn to the purple colours that I have dyed my hair previously, however, there was something about the pink that I thought was so different to the other "pastel pink shades" out there at the moment. I knew this was the one for me!

Watercolour Hair By Matrix Haircare on Rock On Holly BlogWatercolour Hair By Matrix Haircare on Rock On Holly Blog

The Finished Look

I have to say a MASSIVE thanks to Adam and the team at Matrix for my amazing Watercolour make over! I LOVE IT. (And it was probably the best blow dry I've ever had). I'm amazed and pleased that even though the range can be found at all Matrix salons (From April 2016) I got this look right here in Manchester!

You'll be able to follow my hair journey in my upcoming blog posts, to see how it the colour changes as it fades (which I hope it never does...!)

What do you think of the colours? Which shade would you be tempted to try?

*My hair colour was provided as a complimentary service by Matrix and Ethos hairdressing, but all opinions are my own.


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