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Topshop Jeans

It's my FAVE time of year! Nope, not Christmas (although, obvs, that's up there) it's The Summer Sales!! Woop woop! Timed perfectly to start when actual Summer begins, and not when the shops think it should begin (who wants a bikini in March?!) I often pick up some of my best buys in the Summer Sales.

For example, check out my new jeans haul above. Each of these bad boys should have been at least £40 each, totalling a whopping £240. However, thanks to the Topshop sale, these 6 pairs set me back just £107. Ah-mazing! I've often declared my love for Topshop Mom jean and these gingham style jeans are a total bargain at £15. I know they will be fab with sliders and a simple, white cotton vest this Summer.

Apart from seasonal pieces like the Gingham pants, the sales are a great time to stock up on the classics that will work with your wardrobe all year round. The Leigh jeans (second from the top) are THE comfiest skinny jeans EVER!! If you can find a pair of these in your size, I would highly recommend these. The ankle length is very on trend right now.

A cool pair of black skinnies will never go out of fashion - I picked up the Baxter for my skinny jean fit and the Lucas for a more relaxed style (I love the distressed knees on these)

I've rounded up some of the big denim bargains below - which style would you go for?

  Are you a fan of Topshop denim or do you have any other recommendations?


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