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What To Wear In Ibiza Fashion Blog

A few weeks ago, I decided last minute to go on a Hen Do that I'd been invited to - in Ibiza! Yes, actual Ibiza. The home of the coolest clubs around, the trendiest girls and the Summer playing ground of some of the biggest names in music. Just saying the word Ibiza conjours up images of clear blue seas, sandy beaches, and beautiful sunsets. (Closely followed by all night raves, colourful drinks and short shorts...)

So. What the hell was I going to pack to take with me??

No joke, I literally googled "what to wear in Ibiza".

We went at the end of May so the weather was incredible - beautiful hot sunny days. However, the big clubs hadn't really opened up yet. So here are my tips on what to pack if you're heading to 'Sant An' this Summer...

What To Wear In Ibiza Fashion Blog

Big Sunglasses

Ok, this is kind of a given. But my Quay Australia shades were an impulse buy just before I headed away and they were ideal. The mirrored lenses hide all the hangover sins on the morning-after-the-night-before and they're just really cool. End of.

What To Wear In Ibiza Fashion Blog

A Tropical bikini

Triangl have been copied by high street stores all over the UK, but they are still the original and best. Their scuba material is super comfy and form fitting. Plus they have a range of styles and sizes to suit all shapes and sizes. I love the zingy colour on the Brigitte bikini and the crochet detailing is very "Ibiza".

Tote Bag from our new Rock On Ruby Summer Collection and Bracelets from Helix and Felix.

What To Wear In Ibiza Fashion Blog

A Cap

Yup, forget the straw trilbys and cowboy hats, the Cap is where it's at. Just ask Kylie Jenner. This simple khaki cap is from Asos and was great for throwing on during the day or hiding bad beach hair at the airport!

What To Wear In Ibiza Fashion Blog

A Slogan Vest (or two...)

Dress up from day to night for casual Summer vibes. These slouchy vests from Rock On Ruby are the perfect top to keep you looking cool on a hot Summer day. The drop armholes allow you to show off your bikini top underneath. For night time, I styled mine with what I like to call "the sequin shorts of dreams" from Topshop.

Style: What To Wear In Ibiza

A Printed Playsuit

The beauty is also from Topshop. I love the tribal patterns and cool blue tones. The back is lovely and strappy too (I'm really hoping that we get some good weather in the UK so I can wear this again over here!!)

What To Wear In Ibiza Topshop Fashion Blog

Funky Flats

Yes, I said flats. I packed one pair of heels for our Ibiza trip and I wore them out one night as we went down the infamous Sant Antonio strip. To my credit, I did survive in them until about 4 in the morning, however I did end up stumbling down the cobbled street at the end of the night. As I passed one of the bars, a club promoter did her best to lure us in but I just waved my heels at her and wailed "Nooo, my feet!!"
She gave me the biggest look of pity and just said, "Yeah, NOBODY wears heels in Ibiza"
And that was me told. I didn't wear them again!

What To Wear In Ibiza Fashion Blog

Fancy Dress

Yes, I was as shocked about this one as you might be! But Ibiza was full of Hens, Stags and big groups of girls, guys and gays, all dressed up in the most hilarious outfits! We dressed in Hawaiian gear one night and it was brill! I was really surprised that in a place with a reputation for being as "cool" as Ibiza, that fancy dress was so popular. But it totally was! So, if you want to add a little fun to your holiday, don't be afraid to raid your dressing up box, or at least have some fun with glittery face paints, hair sprays and accessories!

I hope this helps - if you have any questions, do comment below!


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