Looking for a Job in Fashion??

If you're looking for a job in fashion then check out Fashion Grads hot new website and online magazine! The site has just launched and features lots of fashion new, insider advice and job opportunities. 

What's EVEN cooler about this magazine is that I AM IN IT!! Woop woop! Yup, that's my face right there below. Before Christmas I was asked to join the Fashion Grads Blogger Panel and you can see our full Q&A session in the latest issue - online here.

If you're a recent Fashion Grad or looking to get into the industry then check out their site... FG are currently a FREE Gift box to all members. Here's a sneak peek at what you can find in a Fashion Grad magazine:

And here's a little insider tip...
Fashion Grads are now looking for Interns to join the team in 2015. Manchester and Preston based students and graduates can apply to be a Digital Marketing Intern via the link below: 
I Wanna Be An Intern! so if you want to add to your CV, get involved!


And the last super awesome thing, is that you can also get the opportunity to win a 6 month Glossybox subscription. Simply read the latest issue and tell the team what you think here! The winner will be picked at random on January 31st 2015. 

Are you interested in working in the Fashion Industry?


  1. Wow what an amazing opportunity :) WELL DONE YOU , you look lovely . xox


  2. What a great opportunity for you :) x

    1. Thanks Em! Interested to see what's next for Fashion Grads… It's all very new! xx

  3. wow sounds like an amazing opportunity - well done you

    1. Thank you! Keeping my fingers crossed for that Beauty Box subscription! ;-) xx


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