Rise n Rave!!

I am NOT a Morning Person. I'm not even a 10am person. I'd be quite happy if we all started our working days with a massive brunch at noon, followed by a quick nap and eventually starting work at 2pm... (ahhh!)

So you might be surprised to hear that yesterday morning I headed into Piccadilly Gardens at 6.30 AM (yep) for a quick workout session, healthy breakfast and invigorating massage! It was all in aid of Reon's Early Morning Rave (held in partnership with Key 103).

And it was sooo cool! It was literally Glow Sticks at dawn, with pumping tunes, energetic dancercise and even some fancy dress... I turned up yawning away, but was soon enjoying some super healthy brekky from the guys at Soulmate Food followed by a yoga sesh!

The event was all about getting people up and ready to face the day by getting active; as well as celebrating the launch of Reon's on-the-go caffeine strips. FYI, If anyone is intrigued by these tiny caffeine strips, then head over to the Arndale this week and you should be able to get free samples from Reon's Super Booth. Buzzin'! ;-)

Obviously I needed the perfect gym wear for such an energetic morning, so I picked some of my fave items from our Rock On Ruby #ROCKTHEGYM range...

Cropped Sweater - Rock On Ruby, Tee - Rock On Ruby, Leggings - Primark

The event has totally inspired me to get up on time (no more snooze button!!) and face the day! As well as get back into Yoga :-)

What are your tips for waking up in the morning?!


  1. This looks like so much fun - a rave session in the morning would certainly wake anyone up! I'm loving the new ROR gym range! xx

    Michelle | What Shell Says

    1. It was so different but actually really fun?! Mayb I can be a Morning Person after all?! :-O Glad you like the gym gear!! X

  2. Wow that's pure dedication getting up so early to go work out! I'm not really a morning person either but I always feel much better if I do get up earlier than usual as I don't feel like I've wasted the day!

    L x



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