OOTD: Niagara Falls

If you follow me on instagram (Rock On Holly) you will have seen that this Christmas I jetted off to Toronto in Canada for New Years Eve. My boyfriend has family living over there so what better excuse to go?! We decided to be proper tourists and head over to Niagara falls, and I couldn't miss the opportunity to take some outfit shots in such a beautiful location...

Trapper Hat: Asos (similar) Sweater: Rock On Ruby, Shirt: Pull & Bear, Jeans: ASOS, Boots and Bag: Zara Boxing Day Sale! 

My coat was also a bargain that I picked up in the River Island sale - the quilted padding and jersey cuffs kept me lovely and warm. I loved the fur trim (removable FYI!) and the belt really gave this shape - despite all my many layers!

I actually wanted to take a few outfit posts whilst I was away, but it was sooooo cold (-20 degrees!!) that nearly every photo is of me looking like I do above!! :-S If you are planning to go to Canada or somewhere similar soon, then here's a run down on what I wore on a typical day:

Bottom Half: Thermal tights, Jeans, Thick socks
Top Half: Thermal Vest, Long sleeved top, Jumper, Cardigan, Coat
Accessories: Fur Trapper Hat (essential) Ugg Gloves (the best) Snood thing? (from a previous Ski Holiday) Scarf

No joke.

Have you ever been any where as cold as Toronto in Winter? What were your essentials?!


  1. -20 jeez I thought -1 was bad haha , I was like a snowman at work today .
    Love the outfits anyway. xox


    1. Haha! I know!! I thought I would come back to England thinking it's lovely and warm over here, but actually we've had snow today?! Roll on Summer….!! xx

  2. You look beautiful! What a gorgeous rainbow. This must have been truly breath-taking. :) I'm loving the slogan sweater! :)

    1. Aw thanks Jenny!! I was so pleased the rainbow showed up on camera - it was so beautiful! :-) Glad you like the sweater - very appropriate I thought! xx

  3. The photos are gorgeous - what a stunning place for outfit pics! Love the sweater too :)
    Jen x

    1. Thanks Jen! I know… It's not often you get to pose up a storm in front of a waterfall, so I had to take advantage ;-) xx


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