Contents: Selfie Preparation Kit

Rock On Ruby Make Up bag and Benefit Cosmetics

Ok, so everything has literally just gone wild at work... We've totally hit the Christmas shopping period and that along with the launch of our new Not On The High Street Store (EEK!) means that we've barely had time to catch our breath!

This often means, that I've been dashing straight from work to events and things, so I need to make sure that I have all my essentials in my hand bag! This Selfie Preparation kit bag is ALWAYS with me!! I got the size Medium which is great for a "capsule" beauty bag.

In this post, I wanted to show you some of the things that are in there, and also review some of the handy Benefit samples that I've been using...

I've never really been a full on Bene-babe, although I do think that they're stuff is gorge. I just always worry that some of their best sellers are "hyped" up, so when you do use them, they don't live up to expectations? Whereas if I just found the product by myself, I'd probably think it was really awesome?! I'm not sure.

Anyways, the beauty of Benefit is that it's also available on ASOS, so you can really get some good deals and FREE delivery if you're a premier user like me!!

Roller Lash Review on Rock On Holly blog

Introducing, my new favourite mascara... Roller Lash.

Yes, I know the Bene-faves are They're Real and Bad Gal (sigh) but I've tried them and they weren't for me :-/ This however, is so so good!!! It really lengthens your lashes and does give them some lift - LOVE it. Plus the packaging is super cute. I first tried this as a sample and LOVED it - after that, it went straight in my basket!

Contents: Selfie Preparation Kit Make Up Bag
Porefessional Review on Rock On Holly blog

The newbie... Air Patrol.

At first I got this and I wasn't sure... But after a few uses, I really like this. It's really lightweight and not too greasy at all, so it does keep our make up in place. I think it's a little too sheer to use just by itself (I still use concealer underneath my eyes) however, it also has added benefits like SPF 20!

Air Patrol Review on Rock On Holly blog

Next up...

They're Real push up liner. In all honesty, I couldn't get to grips with this :-( Maybe the full size product would be much easier to apply? I just struggled to get the kohl out of the packaging and then found it tricky to apply.

I'll end on a high though, as I do really like the Porefessional Primer! It goes on really smoothly and hides pores immediately. If you have good skin, you could probably even wear this by itself!?

Rock On Ruby Make Up bag and Benefit Cosmetics

Have you tried any of these products before!?

Definitely keep an eye on ASOS as they often have Beauty offers where you can get up to 30% off your fave products!


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