Bucket List Ideas

So when I mentioned in one of my recent posts that Iceland has always been on my Bucket List of places to go to, I wasn't saying it as a figure of speech. It is literally on my Bucket List. The boy and I started to put this together officially last Autumn. We were a bit late off the mark with this as most people like to get this stuff out of the way before they are 30. However, that milestone has been and gone... So instead, we're doing 30 at 30. Thirty awesome, classic, wishlist things to do whilst in our 30th year.

Now the thing to remember when you are compiling your list, is that they don't all have to be "out of this world experiences. When we first started putting ideas together, there were a lot of holidays on there. We had to be realistic too!

Here are some of our top picks:

- See the Northern Lights (check!)
- Have a picnic in a random location
- Go horse riding on the beach
- Watch the sun rise... And set
- Get a tattoo (maybe!)
- Travel Canada in a camper van 
- Write a book
- Go blackberry picking on bikes
- Watch a classic movie marathon

- Make a wish on a shooting star
- Drive a fast car
- Go wine tasting (and actually learn stuff)
- Sleep under the stars 
- Become Mr and Mrs Dawson! <3

Do you have a Bucket List? If you have any other suggestions for ours, comment below! 


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