Travel Tips for Iceland - Part 2

Iceland Travel Tips on the Rock On Holly Blog

Following on from my last Iceland Travel blog, I wanted to give a bit more detailed info on where to stay and what to eat in Reykjavic... There is so much that we did and such amazing things that we saw, it's impossible to squeeze into one blog!

Hotel Recommendation:

We stayed at the lovely Centerhotel Thingholt which was just perfect! (see pics below). The location was brilliant as we were just off one of the main streets and the hotels decor was beautifully modern - I loved the cowhide rugs and chairs! One of the main benefits of this hotel was the underfloor heating. Our room also had the most amazing free standing bath - which is just one of my life's absolute luxuries in my opinion!

We did eat at the Isafold restaurant attached to the hotel one evening and the food was amazing. We had a 5 course meal which was a great way to sample some traditional Icelandic food. I have to say that this really was one of the best meals that we had :) The restaurant itself wasn't particularly busy but we did get very good service. (AKA got quite drunk).

Iceland Travel Tips on the Rock On Holly BlogIceland Travel Tips on the Rock On Holly Blog

Restaurant Recommendation

The food in Reykjavic was pretty expensive in general. A typical main course could set you back £30 and that's without anything else! We had some lovely food at an Italian called Primo on the night that we got engaged (Yey!) Afterwards, we walked down to the docks and actually got to see the Northern Lights in all their glory (no tour required!)

One of my fave meals was at a really chilled out place called the Laundromat Cafe. This place was SO cool. Again, within walking distance from our hotel and something that wouldn't look out of place in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Graham had total food envy over my steak sandwich... YUM.


If you do like a drink, you'll notice that when you land in the airport at Reykjavic, there is a Duty Free in the baggage collection area. We noticed that a lot of people were stocking up on wine and spirits, so us being the alcoholic Brits that we are (!) decided to do the same! 

Alcohol is also more expensive in Iceland. If you're staying at an Air Bnb or self catering accommodation, then you will definitely save a few pennies by buying your alcohol at Duty Free. Another tip! We actually ended up taking a bottle if wine into the Hotel restaurant with us (simply as we had bought too much.... woops!) we were charged a small "corkage" fee for doing this, but even so, it worked out cheaper than buying a bottle of wine in the restaurant would have cost. Plus they were happy to serve it and store in an ice bucket as normal.

Iceland Travel Tips on the Rock On Holly Blog
Iceland Travel Tips on the Rock On Holly Blog

Above: Waffles and hot chocolate the Pearl!

Iceland Travel Tips on the Rock On Holly Blog

Travel Tip: Do your research before you go! This is totally hypocritcal for me to say as I literally collapsed on the plane after working non-stop and was like, "ok, where are we going?"

Luckily for me, G-Ham had done a LOT of research and had found some cool spots to go visit that might have been a bit less obvious than the normal tourist hot spots... The crater above was only landmarked by a tiny roadsign that then led out to these epic views.

Iceland Blue Lagoon on the Rock On Holly Blog

The Blue Lagoon

Obviously we couldn't visit this part of Iceland without going to see the amazing Blue Lagoon. This was such an incredible experience. The place is really incredible and well organised. We got drinks included with our tickets but if you decide not to do this, you can pay using the wristband that you get given.

Tip: If you want to take photos in the lagoon you will need either a waterproof camera or a zip pouch to keep your phone safe. Super-organised G-ham had brought a pouch with him, but you can buy them at the lagoon bar.

Travel Tip

We went to the Blue Lagoon on our last day so rather than drive back up to Rekjavic to then drive back down to Keflavic airport the next day, G-Ham booked us into a little hotel in Keflavic. The Hotel Berg was super cosy and the staff were really friendly. They recommended going for food at the restaurant on the dock opposite. The food here was amazing, amazing, amazing. I think I had the best fish curry ever in my life. The place is pretty casual and the staff were pretty miserable, but we would fly back to Iceland just for that fish.... Mmm!

Hope this helps, if you have any questions, do comment below :-)

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