Beauty: Destressing with Aveda

Destressing with Aveda

One of the most amazing things about moving into our new place is that it has a BATH. An actual tub!

We've never had a bath at home as my parents have always preferred a spacious, walk in shower  - much more convenient and practical in the modern day! However, you can't beat the luxury of a bath! Whenever we go away or stay at a hotel, eg Iceland! I would always find having a long soak a real treat :-)

So, finally getting a tub of my own has opened up my eyes to a whole new world of bath time products! I splashed out on some gorge Molton Brown products - that I told the boyf would be reserved for guests (and me...!) only!

Destressing with Aveda

Tips on how to have THE most relaxing bath:

1. LEAVE your phone in another room!! Not only would you be gutted if your iPhone 6S also decided to have a dip under the bubbles, but you can't truly switch off if your phone is with you.

2. Light some candles - for relaxing aromatherapy and mood lighting! We have a huge vanilla candle in our bathroom which I find smells lovely, without being over powering.

3. Add some luxury body wash to your bath for a soothing soak!

4. RELAX. (This one might be harder than you think...)

5. Carry on that relaxing feeling after your bath by massaging some Stress Fix body lotion by Aveda into your skin

Destressing with Aveda

This stuff is absolutely gorgeous. The perfect way to finish unwinding after a stressful day! The stress fix body lotion is hydrating and also has an aroma that aims to relieve feelings of stress. It's Aroma includes essences of lavender and clary sage from organic farms and is formulated using pure essential oils. I really like this! At £27, it is quite pricey for a body lotion, but I think it would make a nice pressie (maybe for Mother's Day?) and there are other items in the range that you could match with this.

For something a bit lighter, you could always try the Beautifying body moisturiser which also has a lovely lavender scent and includes shea butter for a truly nourishing feel. This is probably my fave out of the two as I find it slightly easier to apply - and it's more affordable at £22! WIN.

Destressing with Aveda
Destressing with Aveda

Have you tried any Aveda products before? What tricks and tips do you have for trying to relax?


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