Help! I'm trying to get White Blonde Hair!

Bleach London Review

So, after years of coveting Jen An's honey blonde tones, then Kimberley's perfect ombré, my new hair crush is more instagram inspired...

"White blonde." Easy right? Well in my quest to banish my yellowy hues I decided to try Bleach London's products. I was swayed by their clever marketing and trendy packaging and here's what happened... 

I took a little visit to Boots and got the following :
- White Toner £7
- Silver Shampoo £5
- Silver Conditioner £5

I started off with the toner which promised to know out yellow tones (yes please) and give me my "lightest, brightest blonde yet" (awesome). This is supposed to be a semi-permanent dye which lasts for up to 20 washes.

Here's what I got!

The box included Developing lotion, colourant, a hair recovery mask, gloves and super handy instructions. First of all, the instructions were so easy to follow and very clear. Did I follow them exactly? Erm, not really. I mixed the lotion and colourant to make the toner and then left it on for a whopping 40 minutes rather than the recommended 20. What can I say, I wanted whiter than white hair!? Unfortunately this didn't happen.

Here's my hair before: 

And here it is after :

Ok, jokes, this is obvs the same pic! But still, my hair looked absolutely NO different!? Sadly, this pack didn't give me the outcome that I wanted at all. I probably needed something stronger with actual bleach in... However, before I completely write this product off, the recovery mask that came with the pack was absolutely amazing and left my hair silky smooth. I would definitely recommend buying this! The reincarnation mask is available to buy on its own for £6 and you should get a few uses out of this. 

I then tried the Bleach London Silver  Shampoo and Conditioner. These immediately gave a more noticeable effect! Both product have a lovely smell and were quite thick in texture especially the conditioner. 

Good points

The shampoo really brought out the highlights in my hair even after leaving it on for only 3-5 minutes. 
The conditioner whilst it didn't really seem to have an effect on my colour, did leave my hair very soft and super smooth.

Bad points:
The shampoo can be quite difficult to lather up, as a result I think you end up using more product.
I have tried to leave the shampoo on for much longer (20 minutes) to get a more noticeable effect but it could be left for even longer to get this.
The conditioner can be quite tricky to get out of the bottle when you get near the bottom (think of those infuriating glass, Tommy K bottles!) 

So, overall, would I buy this again? 

Toner - No
Shampoo and conditioner - Hell yes! Every time I use these,  get asked if I've just had my hair done. A cheap alternative for when you want to leave it a bit longer before heading to the hairdressers!

I will be trying the cheaper and often recommended 'Touch Of Silver' shampoos by Provoke - so watch this space for more hair reviews!


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