One Lovely Blog-ger

Now, I don't normally go in for these things, but since I have only just recently got back into blogging, it's always nice to know who you are reading about!

So here are my 7 Blogtastic Facts >>

1. I am a Lefty. This means that whilst I might not live as long as you righties, I can apparently see better underwater? Useful.

2. I know how to say "Cheers" in 10 languages...
(the benefit of being an Erasmus student)

3. I met actual George Ezra and had an actual conversation with him.
He will totes remember me....

4. Apparently I sing too much at work? Can this be possible?!

5. I LOVE Monopoly. Did you know you can get the app on your iPad??

6. I am not a morning person. Like, seriously.

7. I am a Box Set Whore. I am currently watching but haven't yet finished any of the following:
24, The Tudors, Orange Is The New Black, Greys Anatomy, Downton Abbey...

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(Ladies, I won't be offended if this ain't your bag!)
If you have any recommendations for Box Sets, I'd love to hear! ;-)


  1. awww fab!! I'm a lefty too and I'm a massive fan of boxsets! whole heartedly recommend Prison Break ! xo :)

  2. Holly you NEED to watch Silk and 24 on Netflix... Be warned... Addictive! Lol xx

    1. Ooh I've not heard of Silk?! I'll check it out! :-) Thanks Lu! xx


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