Bucks Fizz and Body Butter at the Body Shop!

So, this week I was invited over to The Body Shop Trafford to check out their new Christmas range and what a treat it was... I haven't been into the Body Shop for a while and the first thing that hit me was the gorgeous smell as you walk in the door (All down to the new Glazed Apple Christmas range apparently!)

After being greeted by one of the girls I was promptly handed a Blogger Shopping Basket with a silver ribbon and a glass of sparkling Bucks Fizz - all the essentials a girl needs for a festive shopping trip!

The place was packed with Bloggers and Shoppers all trying the products, having make overs and getting treated to hand massages. I chatted with one of the skin care experts and was immediately talked into getting the Drops Of Youth eye serum. Ok, so I had been on the look out for a good eye cream anyway, but this sounded AMAZING. Apparently it's one the the Body Shops hottest picks with one selling every 28 seconds. (They probably just sold one as you read that sentence). I'll definitely be doing a review post on this later!

Yum yum!! Bucks Fizz and Mince Pies..

Bucket loads of beauty treats!

I also chatted to one of the Body Shop girls about getting a new hand cream and was recommended the Hemp Hand Protector - again another Top Selling Body Shop product. This was an absolute bargain at £5 for 30ml and after sampling this, I had to have it in my life :-)

Essentials for any BBlogger...

The famous Body Shop Butters and Scrubs!

Definitely going on the wishlist...

I'm a sucker for a slogan make up bag!

Festive stocking fillers - there were some amazing deals on at the Body Shop. A lot of the gifts sets are great value for money and make an impressive looking gift...

If you're Christmas Shopping at the Trafford Centre this month, I would definitely recommend heading into the Body Shop for a browse. The girls in store and really knew their stuff and were so welcoming. 

Big thanks to the Store Manager Lynne for inviting us down for the night - I'll be back!

H xx


  1. I was there too. Really enjoyed the evening and the Glazed Apple range smells so so good! I love your boots, where are they from?

    1. Ah cool! That's a shame, I didn't realise - it would have been nice to say hello! :) My boots are from River Island! But I got them last A/W so they might not still be around... xxx

  2. Hey Holly! It was so nice to meet you that day, and I had such a good time at the event too. The new Glazed Apple range smells like heaven! xx


    1. Haha! You too! Hopefully see you at a few more festive events over the next few weeks... :-) xx


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