Wednesday Wisdom: Get Shit Done

So... I spend a lot of time looking at inspirational quotes and slogans for work (all in the name of research of course!) and this one really summed up my week. There are so many changes and crazy, new things going on at ROR HQ at the mo, that my desk is swimming in notes and "To Do" lists. 

I always find Wednesdays are one of those days where you've finally recovered from the weekend just gone and suddenly Thursday / Friday are right in front of you... It's then that you realise that you really need to just get shit done!!

We have an event coming up at work in less than 2 weeks and my head is constantly swimming with ideas. But rather than get distracted with "which colour red" is the right red for our table cloths, I know I need to just ..... GET SHIT DONE! :-)See where I'm going with this?!

So here's my Wednesday Wisdom on how to do this!

1. Write A To Do List. I currently have about 3 different lists that I'm working off for different projects and they all keep growing all the time. But at least this way, I won't keep forgetting and remembering the same things!

2. Brain Dump. At night when you're trying to sleep and your head is spinning with ideas and worries and what you need to do the next day... Just stop! Jot everything that's bugging you down into the notes section of your phone and then switch off.

3. Give yourself deadlines. I am the worlds worst at sticking to this! But, try giving yourself a target to get something done by and see where you get!

What are your tips for getting on top of work and blogging??


  1. My only tip would be invest in a notebook because you never know when an idea may pop into your head . lol. I also normally won't let myself watch TV until I have finished my posts ... Also I love a good quote or 2 or 3 or 4. hehe xox

  2. Awesome tips! I nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out the link for details!


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