All Saints - After Dark

So, as I mentioned, I am super lucky to be taking part in the #MAAfterDark fashion event at Manchester's Arndale Centre. My mission (which I  obvs chose to accept!) was to pick a beaut dress for the party season! So with some help from manager Frazer, I got to it....

This whole, fabulous, sparkly section is All Saints latest range - perfect for A/W. Silks, beads and dark wintery shades... Utterly gorgeous. (And my OOTD co-ordinates perfectly, dontcha think!?)

Hmm, got slightly sidetracked by the gorge leather boots and bags on display...

I couldn't resist trying on the Elixir dress! Covered in beads and with delicate straps, this gorge dress just screamed "try me on!!"

In the midst of all the muted burgundy, greys and blacks, this pure white, silk dress, really caught my eye. It's minimalist but could easily be dressed up or down. LOVE.

This UNBELIEVABLE beaded top practically had to be prised off me so that I could leave the store... It is so, so stunning. Even at £188 it's worth every penny! The cut fit perfectly and the heavy embellishment made a style statement without looking OTT. Unfortunately, this top didn't fit in with our challenge budget or style (being neither £100 or a dress..) but I had to show you all of it's beaded glory :-)

Trying on nearly everything in the store - well, why not?

Goodbye beautiful top... Sob!

So... somewhere amongst these beauties is the dress that I have chosen for the event tonight! My party dress will be revealed on Monday, so watch this space!


  1. Wow.... very stunning top for a beautiful lady.... I look forward to seeing the dress you choose... is it the white one?

    1. Ooh I did love the white one, but I went for a different one on the end... It will be revealed tomorrow! ;-) xx

  2. This event sounds so exciting, love All Saints and can't wait to see what you picked!


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