Beauty: Holiday Essentials!

Holiday Essentials by Rock On Holly

Passport? Check.
Bikini? Check.
Beach Towel...? Probably.

What else?? Packing for a holiday can be super stressful as there are a million and one things you need to remember and only one (usually not big enough) case to put them in. But fear not! As I have been on the rampage recently, looking for some essential beauty products that might make your packing a little easier.

Covering Hair, Body, Make Up, After sun and Tan, and of course, a magazine for the plane...

Holiday Essentials by Rock On Holly

A good tan is pretty much the one thing everyone wants to come away with on holiday... But, if like me, you want to be careful about those pesky rays causing sun damage, a much healthier way to get a golden glow, is to fake it! I'm currently trying out the Trystal Minerals tan from Vita Liberata. 

Now listen up, because what I'm about to say is probably going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This is the world's first Self Tanning Bronzer!! Yup, not only does it provide an instant, natural looking tan, this then develops and results in a 

The shade I have here is their 01 Sunkissed colour, which is quite a cool-toned, tan colour. I love this as you can build up the colour gradually and it looks really natural. Also, as it's a mineral make up, it's lovely and lightweight AND oil free. 

Ok, don't tell me you're not impressed?

Holiday Essentials by Rock On Holly

Ok, let's talk hair care...

This is SO super important!! I hate it when you go away on holiday and the water is different (is that just me?) or your hairdryer doesn't work as well, so you're left with a tiny breeze of hot air that takes forever to dry.. and you just end up getting hotter and sweater and then your hair is bushy and horrible and sweaty at the front!! ERGH!

Disaster! So, to avoid having a "Monica from Friends" incident, I always make sure that I take extra moisturising products when I go away. This Label M shine spray is great for adding a bit of sparkle back into dry hair. You can apply it into wet or dry hair and (bonus!) it has a UV filter in it too!

On my recent trip to Amsterdam, myself and fellow blogger Lucia Grace, stumbled across this tiny, gorgeous Aloe Vera shop... Aloe vera is one of the most well known ingredients for aftersun and for treating things like sunburn. It's super moisturising (I grabbed an Aloe Vera lip balm for the store!) So! I was really pleased to discover this Korres Aloe & Soapwort shampoo in my latest Look Fantastic box. I wish there was smell-o-gram on the internet for you to experience this, as it's lovely! 

Tip: The 50ml size bottle is perfect for taking away on holiday with you.

Finally, I can't recommend this Phytoplage After Sun Oil enough!! It's extremely moisturising, but despite being an "oil", it absorbs into the skin really well and doesn't leave it feeling greasy. Plus it can be used on your hair too!! Amazing.

Label M Shine Spray

Two make up essentials to get you through the day are - eye lash curlers and a bright lip colour!

These colourful curlers are ones that my mum picked up for me for super cheap - they were literally less than £2! But they are great for throwing into your handbag and giving your lashes a boost. 

For me, a holiday make up look is usually about lots of lashes, a nice tan and a zingy lip. This gloss from Revlon is such a fun Summer colour! I picked it up after trying a similar one on at my Bobbi Brown Make Up Class.

Holiday Essentials - pink revlon lipgloss

After a sweaty day on the beach, there's nothing better than washing away that greasy sun cream and sand to feel refreshed! A while ago I won a twitter competition with and they kindly sent me some products. Included were these treats from Roger & Gallet - and WOW! Do they smell delicious?! I love the body cream and soap from their range. A good body moisturiser is definitely a holiday essential!

Holiday Essentials

Have you tried any of these products before?

What are your holiday beauty essentials?


  1. Lovely post! I always forget about haircare/protecting my hair from the sun in summer ... (:
    Nati xx

  2. I hate how hot & sweaty you get on holiday when doing your hair and I ALWAYS end up with a big bush. My hair never does what I have in mind, so theres that issue to deal with too! Will have to give some of these a try for the next time I'm away. Thanks for recommending x

  3. oo I've not tried the bronzer yet! so I guess I must get it out of the packaging asap from the sounds of it! haha x


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