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Hiscox Entrepreneur Workshop Day
Hiscox Entrepreneur Workshop Day

My life is currently revolving around work. If I'm not physically at work, I'm probably looking at something on social media to do with work... or at an event networking for work... or talking to my besties about work. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't a pity party - I'm absolutely loving it! If my job was something boring that I resented, then yes, I would probably have had some kind of mid-life crisis by now, but running my own fashion brand is a challenge and I want to do everything that I can to make sure that it's going the best it can.

That's why, I recently attended an Entrepreneur workshop hosted by Hiscox. The team at Hiscox organise insurance for small businesses like mine, and wanted to give us North West bloggers and entrepreneurs tips on how to take our work to the next step...

Throughout the day, we heard from Anick from the Start Up Academy, who gave us some great tips on how to turn our Blogs into Businesses and how to grow your company.
My personal favourite was "Just wanting it, isn't enough". This is SO true!! I always see motivational things on instagram and pinterest etc, about how you need to dream big and be patient and all this nonsense, and actually, if you really, really want something, you have to be prepared to work your butt off for it! Put the hours in and give it all of your focus! (hence why I am still blogging at midnight on a Monday night...)

We also got some real life advice from journalist, Helen Nugent who has started her own North West based site called Northern Soul (great name). It was really interesting to hear how she started up and the growth of her site over the last two years. Northern Soul covers all things Arts and Entertainment in the North - an interesting read!

If you're a blogger or budding entrepreneur, do check out the Hiscox blog as they did give us some practical and informative advice!

39 Steps Food

There's nothing better than a yummy meal with some of your girly pals. So I was pretty thrilled to get invited to 39 Steps in Wilmslow by Ledigo PR recently. The night was really chilled out and myself and a few blogger buddies enjoyed a lovely girly evening talking all things fashion and enjoying their set menu.

The food was quite sophisticated really, and MEGA tasty!! For starters I had cod with orzo pasta followed by a main course of Lamb with spring onion mash and yummy veggies! However, my fave part of the meal was of course, the dessert!!!!! :-D It's not often that you get rice pudding on the menu, but this combined with white chocolate and peach is goooorgeous! I cannot rave about this enough.

I'm actually craving it right now... If you're in the South Manchester area, check them out!


  1. Honestly Holly this is so inspiring! I don't know how you do it! I'd love to have my own business through my blog one day. I'm obsessed with handmade cosmetics, but you're right in saying 'just wanting it isn't enough'. What a mantra to live by!


  2. It looks like a great experience Holly! There is nothing like loving the work you do and putting all of your effort and attention to it :)


    Seize your Style

  3. Do it! Start small and see where it takes you! :-) xx


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