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Next Lingerie Event

UNDERWEAR. Do you know what size you are?

No, I don't mean what size are you wearing RIGHT NOW... I mean, do you really know what size you are? Like, when was the last time you got measured?

Around 90% of us are wearing the wrong size bra. But, lucky for you, Next have just launched their gorge new lingerie and alongside this, a bra fitting service. Note that that says Bra Fitting and not Bra Measuring? Yup, Next are doing away with the old tape measures and sizing, they can fit you into the correct bra just from looking at you! (Not in a creepy way). Things like, straps, band width and how you fit your cups, can all add up to your perfect bra fit!

Last week I headed over to the launch of Next's new lingerie collection at Manchester Arndale, and got some top tips from celeb stylist, Martine Alexander on how underwear can change your life!

1. Underwear is SO important, when Martine is dressing any of her clients, she always starts from the bottom up. And that means good lingerie.

2. The correct underwear can completely change your shape. It can pull you upright to reveal your waist, enhance curves or even minimise them if you wish!

3. Choose the correct style for you! Next have a range of designs that include, Plunge, Bandeau, Non-wire and Balcony. Check out their Bra Shape Guide to see which one will suit you most. I LOVE that there is a Holly bra! Yey! Scroll down to see which bra I chose from the collection!

So, let's check out in store...

Next Lingerie Event
Next Lingerie Event - cupcakes
Next Lingerie Event - BloggersNext Lingerie
Next Lingerie Event - Longline Bra
Next Lingerie Event - Balcony Bra

Next Lingerie Event

As you can see, the colours are styles are so pretty and girly - perfect for Summer.

I chose the Carrie bra as it was my "Perfect Fit" and I loved the longline band that's so on trend right now.

My fave things about the range: It's really not that expensive! Bras start from £10 which I think is quite decent as they are clearly high quality. They also go up to a size G in some styles (with more designs coming in Autumn / Winter)

What so you think of what you've seen so far? Tempted to go get fitted?!


  1. Love your choice! I had a great day hanging with you love <3

  2. Emma Louise Ryan24 June 2015 at 19:21

    Still in love with that satin bra! I SO enjoyed this night and it's seriously made me realise to get fitted more often xxx

  3. I am definitely tempted. From £10 wow. I know some other stores that do it by looking and find it great. No more un bra-ing in front of anyone. I think I will have to try out Next soon as do need a refit after loosing some weight.

  4. Yes do!! I would really recommend it. I can't remember the last time I got measured, so I've always just been picking bras based on what I "thought I was" - and a pretty design ;-) xxx

  5. Me too!! I'm going to have to go back for that one or see if I can find it online - so pretty! xx

  6. Ah thanks! :-) It was such a fun day - who knew Bra fitting could be such a bonding experience?! Ha! xxx


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