London Fashion Week Round Up

London Fashion Week Round Up on Rock On Holly


Just me or is this LITERALLY all we've heard about for the past month?? As a Fashion blogger, it almost seems like a rite of passage to go to Fashion Week at least once in your life. I was lucky enough to be taken to Amsterdam Fashion week this year with Fashionchick, but LFW? This was something else!

Frankly, I found LFW an exciting but bewildering experience. Everything is last minute, everything is crazy busy, never on time and always further away than you think - especially in heels!! I had been really lucky to be sent invites to some shows, but I also decided to make the most of my time in the big city and organise some meetings. Here's a brief run through of what a Blogger can get up to at Fashion Week...

Drinks with Fashionchick for LFW

Thurs - Drinks with Fashionchick 

I arrived on Thurs PM for drinks with the amazingly awesome Fashionchick Team!! You may have heard me write about their site (like aaall the time!) It's an online store where you can browse all your fave brands in one place - think Sweaty Betty, M&S, Boohoo, Topshop... the list goes on. They always have cool competitions, on trend fashion news and really good offers - so make sure to check them out!! 

So, I turned up at Piccadilly Circus looking for a trendy bar called Flat 3, turns out, it was literally a flat. And the coolest flat, in the most central location ever! I was also really surprised (and practically screaming with excitement) when I walked in and saw the lovely Jasmin from My Berlin Fashion at the event! My Amsterdam FW buddy!! :-) Luckily we had a cocktail maker on hand to celebrate! 

London Fashion Week Outfit on Rock On Holly

Fri AM - Meeting with PR company, Visit to ASOS HQ

So my day started like this: Get up, Shower, Get Ready... get rained on. Frizzy hair and Fashion Week is so not a good combo. Ergh.

After navigating the bus to Soho, walking 10 minutes in the wrong direction and then walking back, I eventually made it to my first meeting with a London based PR company. It's so nice to put a face to a person that you have been emailing and Rebecca was really, really lovely (and had beautiful frizz free hair - no fair!!) We had a nice little chat over a cup of coffee whilst she showed me some of the gorge jewellery that they will be showcasing over the next few months - cue lots of drooling over Versace and lusting over pearl bangles...

London Fashion Week Round Up on Rock On Holly

Next stop - ASOS HQ.

Remember Devil Wears Prada? Where they raid the showroom and turn geeky whatsherface into a stunning gazelle like model? I feel like that's what happened to me, except my hair wasn't so shiny and Lucy from ASOS wasn't a bitch. She was actually really, really lovely and normal. She also took me into the ASOS showroom where I was able to have a sneak peek at what's coming up for the Party Season and pick up some trendy bits for LFW. More on all that later! 

Time for lunch! My next stop was the Wearisma Lounge which had been set up as a bit of a resting station for Bloggers to catch up during LFW. Whilst on my way to the venue, I dropped Stephi from Stephi La Reine a text and as luck would have it, she was also in need of some kind of food. We settled for Taco type things in Wahaca and talked all things bloggy. Stephi is one of the bloggers that I met at my very first blogger event (way back when!) so it's really cool that we've stayed in touch :-)

Tip: I would definitely recommend that you check out Stephi's blog at this point, as she has something cool & crazy coming up involving washing machines. (Yes, you read that right).

London Fashion Week Round Up on Rock On Holly

Down to the Wearisma Lounge...

Just as we'd finished lunch, right on cue, Lucia appeared! YEY! I love this girl. She reminds me so much of one of my other friends, and has definitely taught me the art of perfecting a good instagram photo - just check out her feed!!

After a busy morning, we were both relieved to head down to the Wearisma lounge for a bit of a chill, a mini make over and a bottle of Vita Coco :-)

To fill you in, Wearisma is a shopping app where you can upload your outfit pics and then other people can shop your look right through the app. The team have been working with bloggers and testing the app over the past few months, so when it officially launches, it will be awesome!

London Fashion Week Wearisma Lounge on Rock On Holly

Friday PM!

After some Blog pics and Street Style snaps, it was finally show time! Yes, up to this point, I had been in London for a total of 24 hours and hadn't actually seen a show yet?! However, I had managed to wangle some tickets to see Ashley Isham, PPQ and Pam Hogg - not a bad start for my first LFW.

In all honesty, I was a bit oblivious about which shows were good and where they all were... (This is where you need experienced blogger buddies to help you out!)

I also have to admit, I was completely star struck as I watched Millie Mackintosh, Rosie Fortescue and half the MIC cast, strut past us into PPQ. And despite queuing for about 45 mins for Pam Hogg and not getting in due to a full, venue, I did have a blast with my mini bottle of wine and Danielle Vanier & her stylish stylist Joel!

London Fashion Week Round Up on Rock On Holly

Woo! So is this how you imagined London Fashion Week to be?! Let me know if you've been before or if you're planning on going next time...

Stay tuned for Day 2 very soon!


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