The Truth About London Fashion Week...

London Fashion Week 2015

Things I didn't know about LFW...

- You can get invites to shows even if you're not a MEGA blogger

The best way to get into a show is to contact PR companies. These are the people who have the tickets to give out. You may need to send out a few emails and introduce yourself to get your name on the list. It's all about who you know in this industry!

Apart from that, there are SO many things happening in London during Fashion Week, there are plenty of things you can do to get into the fashionable spirit. This season I seriously wish I had bought tickets to Cosmo Fash Fest as it looked ah-mazing!! For bloggers in particular there are always lounges set up for you to check, e.g., the Apartment by Reward style or Wearsima fashion app. The guys from The Bloggers Hangout also put on an event one evening. Be sure to check twitter in the run up to LFW to see what's going on.

- Just coz you gotta ticket, doesn't mean you're in...

Ergh! Sad times!! There were several shows where I turned up around 20 minutes in advance and despite having tickets, was turned away as the venue was over capacity. Not cool!! My advice, if you wanna get in, get there early!
London Fashion Week

- You will get street snapped

By fashion blogs, press, actual New Look (EEK!!!) and George at Asda, we were stopped several times in the Soho area! Sometimes they are on the hunt for a particular look and sometimes they just want to get as many snaps as possible. It can be a bit overwhelming when the place is SO busy, but don't be shy, and don't forget to ask where you might be featured :-)

- Your seriously on trend outfit will suddenly look seriously tame

Yup, if you're not based in London, you're going to have to travel to the big city and be strict on what you're taking with you. Once you've picked your LFW outfit, there's no going back! It's easy to worry about what you're wearing and if it's "cool enough" or too dressy or not dressy enough... (Ahh!) BUT! There are so many different styles and different people in London for Fashion Week, the best thing you can do is wear something that suits you.

Equinox Fashion at London Fashion Week

- There are bloggers eeeverywhere!

Just by chance, I managed to catch up with Stephi La Reine for lunch, Lucia Grace for outfit pics and Gail from The Equinox Fashion for fashion shows! Having a blogger buddy makes the days a lot more fun, so drop some tweets / texts before Fashion week and see who's in town. LFW is a great excuse to meet up with some of your online friends!

Also Spotted
- Nyane Lebajoa at the Maral Yazarloo show
- Kayla Hadlington and Amy Valentine taking outfit shots for each other outside Freemason's Hall
- Sarah Ashcroft catching up with a friend at Brewer's Street Car park.
- Zoe London DJ passing the queue for Pam Hogg

- You will see someone famous

A quick pit stop at Bill's for a coffee almost turned into an episode of Made in Chelsea as we spied Rosie, Hugo and Proudlock at a nearby table...They were then queue jumped to the front of the PPQ show, accompanied by the beaut Millie Mackintosh - who looked stunning in an LBD.

London Fashion Week

You will need comfy shoes..

Yes, you definitely need to look super stylish, but you also need to be able to get round to all the shows and venues in London. (Lucky trainers and pumps are totally on trend right now!) As a back up, maybe take some flats in your handbag and definitely a couple of plasters wouldn't go amiss. See what shoes I wore in my LFW outfit post!

- City Mapper is your friend

I admit it. London's transport is like a minefield to me... why is it so CONFUSING??! Luckily, I was given some great advice from PR girl Rebecca, who recommended the Citymapper app. It actually shows you which way you need to be facing before you start walking. Genius.

And finally, you will have a seriously cool time, see things you never thought you'd see, and want to do it all again the next season...

Here are just some of the stunning designs that I saw this season:

London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week Show
Made By Carpet London Fashion Week
Made By Carpet London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
Fashions Finest London Fashion Week
Fashions Finest London Fashion Week

Featuring designs by Fabricated Fashions, Made of Carpet, I Love Four Season, Bliss Studio Textiles and Maral Yazarloo

So, is it how you thought it would be?


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