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Richard E Grant with Bloggers

Have you ever met a famous person before? Like, someone off of the telly or that was in a band or something? How was that for you!?

I ask, as I was recently invited to Selfridges for the launch of a new fragrance - Jack: Covent Garden. And the man behind this gorgeously, citrussy perfume, is none other than RICHARD E GRANT. Everyone that I told about this knew he he was, and my mum was convinced he would be lovely because, you know, she'd seen him in "that hotel programme" and he was "dead nice".

And he actually was. But this isn't your normal celeb-endorsed fragrance. From talking to Richard, you can really tell that this is something that Richard has been fully involved in from day one. Not only has he self-funded the entire project, but everything from the top notes of the perfume to the text on back of the perfume box has been passed by him. Nothing about this scent has been done without Richard's approval. And doesn't he look proud?!

Richard E Grants Jack Perfume

So what are they like?

The original fragrance, Jack, launched with the rather controversial cannibis as one of its Top Notes. (no joke!) This gives the fragrance a peppery, musky scent which is absolutely gorgeous.

This new, second fragrance is a reminder of Richard's time spent working in Covent Garden and has a much more citrussy scent. The aim of this fragrance was to conjure up the fruit and veg markets of the vibrant 'My Fair Lady' era. Mixing theatre and history to tell a story with the fragrance.

Jack Covent Garden Perfume

Both fragrances are unisex and come sleeved in calico, Union Jack bags which can be personalised (another aspect Richard was keen to have). At £95 you may thing that this is pricier than some fragrances, however, I do think that they are value for money. Both fragrances (especially Jack) have amazing staying power. The scent really lasts throughout the day and you only need a small amount.
The packaging and personalisation aspect are so classic and would make an amazing gift.

FYI, I do reeeeeally recommend checking these out, I took a sample into work and literally, everyone loved it!

Richard E Grant Fragrance

Luckily for fans of the fragrances, there will be more to come! Each of Richards perfumes have an autobiographical concept behind them and are deeply personal to him. (FYI, there is a third already in the works...) If I had to guess, I think the next fragrance may have more of an African feel to it as Richard was born in Swaziland.

Richard E Grant - Jack Perfume

So there you go, my second "celeb" encounter this year! And if you like this kinda thing, read more about my meeting with ACTUAL Henry Holland

Disclaimer: No, I'm not a celeb groupie or anything.


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