Tune: SMILE :-)

Singer Emma Halpin

So, this weeks "Tunesday Tuesday" Music post, is something a little different... And I am MOST excited about this, more than any of my other recommendations. I just think it's frickin' awesome!! I was recently sent the link to this vid as a "one to watch" and I loved it straight away. The video is super-cool with quirky, fun animations and the song is a real chilled out tune with a Summer time feel.

Listen to the words - it has a really simple message about how smiling can do magic in the world! And we could all do with a bit of that :-) :-) :-) :-)

So, meet Emma Halpin: 11 year old, gold spectacle wearing, guitar playing, song writing, music genius. Also slightly obsessed with the Walking Dead series...

Like, seriously, I wish I was that cool when I was 11.

Whaddya think guys?? If you're a fan, give her a big thumbs on her Youtube channel!

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  1. You too!!! :-D See you very soon!! Hope you liked this song! xxx

  2. A very talented little artist... I am shocked she is only 11.

  3. I know! Looking forward to seeing what she does next… :-) xx

  4. Isn't it FAB?! The song is SO catchy too, it's been stuck in my head all week! xx


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