Trends Illustrated with Dom&Ink!

This weekend I put on my shiniest gold shoes and trendiest tee (Rock On Ruby of course!) and headed into the Manchester Arndale for an amaaaazing event. The team in the Arndale had joined up with Dom and Ink to offer FREE illustrated tshirts when you spent over £60 at any store in the Arndale. Not bad right?

First of all, it was payday weekend and secondly, there are SO many gorgeous things in the Arndale at the moment, it is SUPER easy to spend £60. Get some inspiration from the Manchester Arndale SS15 video!

So let's check out the Tees... I have to say hats off to the amazing Dom & Ink for coming up with the goods.. From Dinosaur, mermaids and unicorn prints to Taylor Swift quotes and emojis... I was actually spoilt for choice. I think I nearly had a small stress-attack from all the choice and the fact that I was taking so long and still couldn't choose because they were all so fab!!! WAHHH!!
With my designer sis (Lucy Pirates!) and Gail from Equinox Fashion

Yes, we're all smiling but I can tell Luce was thinking "just hurry up and pick a frickin' tee so I can put a dinosaur on mine..." (seriously, she's obsessed.)

We entered our designs into these massive iPad thingy's and then submitted them for printing. How cool is mine?! Unfortunately it didn't submit properly so I re-did it and changed my mind on the design (woops!). I can't WAIT to style up the finished look for an outfit post...

After all this exhausting design work, we just had time for a few Blogger selfies with Dom! Do you recognise any faces?!

You really, really really need to check out Dom and Ink on Instagram and his blog - Map My Style which links in micely with his new book, just FYI...

GIVEAWAY!! Make sure you enter my competition with Manchester Arndale and you could win £50 to spend at any of the stores in the centre (that includes the likes of Next, Topshop, New Look, H&M, Lipsy etc etc)

Which is your fave design from the tops above? Do you like mine?!


  1. I've seen the book and really want to get my hands on it his illustrations really are amazing! Looks like you had a fab day out xxx

  2. I have designed 2 of them ;p ! I had spend some money there ! ;)

  3. Two!!? Haha! Amazing! Can't wait to see them! :-) xxx


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